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Measure the success and ROI of your event with Datakalab

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A new technology to measure facial expressions of your audience and assess their emotions



What if you could plan your annual corporate meeting or sales training with the confidence of knowing your content will keep your attendees engaged or know how attendees really feel about a new product? From educating to engaging your attendees, you can find out what they want to learn about, the ways that they learn best, and how to create a program that participants will hear and absorb. You can gather feedback from your attendees without needing to send out a post-event feedback campaign or ask them to complete a questionnaire. Welcome to the future of delivering results.

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Why Datakalab

When it comes to planning your annual corporate meeting or sales training, keeping your attendees engaged with your content is key to success.

You may have a specific set of materials you need to present to your attendees or new tactics you want to train them on, but knowing what they want to learn about and the ways in which they learn the best will enable you to create a program they hear but also absorb.

What is Datakalab

What if we told you that you could gather feedback from your attendees without needing to send out a post-event feedback campaign or ask them to complete a questionnaire? Datakalab provides precisely that.

This facial recognition software will analyze your guests’ facial expressions and emotions while they are in attendance, analyze those emotions using neuroscientific data points and provide insights into what subject matter resonated with them compared to what lost their focus and diverted their attention.

How Does Datakalab Work

The software is paired with cameras, installed by VIBE or you, on the stage where your guests should be focused. Throughout the presentation(s) the cameras will scan the crowd, capturing and measuring the micro changes of attendees’ facial movements that aren’t always visible to the naked eye.

You can take this analysis a step further by providing your attendees with the Connected Bracelet, which measure physiological changes like heart rate variances and body temperature, both of which are physical reactions to your content that you can learn about in real-time.

This data gathered is then fed into the Datakalab technology and analyzed by the company’s neuroscience experts.


How to Read the Data

A report outlining your attendees’ collective responses to various points within your programming allows you to better tailor your content to what will drive the highest and more successful response in the future.
Take for example, if the CEO is giving a state of the union and proposes a new initiative and there is a negative response, you’ll know it. No post survey result needed. If they are completely engaged and on board, you’ll know that too.

Why Measure Emotions?

Measuring emotions is necessary because 90% of the stimuli that impact us in a day is treated only by the unconscious. This means that existing qualitative or quantitative studies measure only part of the customer experience. We also know the cognitive bias that comes with surveys. Satisfaction surveys sent after an event are far from objective.
Finally, customer experiences are not just about rational. They have a strong emotional dimension, especially for events.

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VIBE Agency is the exclusive licensed distributor of the Datakalab service in the United States.

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