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Event Planning Tips

Planning an event is not a party…many details need to come together for the D-Day.  So get organized and start planning early –

Here is a typical checklist to help you get started:

+ Set the date to release event announcement & invitations

+ Prepare electronic & print promotional materials (brochures, invitations, etc.)

+ Select caterer/menu

+ Secure access to Internet connection for participants

+ Coordinate overnight accommodations

+ Manage transportation logistics

+ Review and sign contracts; venue, caterer, AV supplier, entertainment, florist, etc.

+ Select and confirm speakers

+ Finalize your agenda/ program

+ Confirm attendees

+ Prepare goody bags

+ Prepare name badges

+ Prepare any necessary signage

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Event & Destination Management


Happy July 4th!

This summer we are celebrating …..

Summer will be gone soon and now is the time to plan for your year-end events; annual business reviews, quarterly sales meetings, holiday parties…

It is usually best to start planning at least 3-months in advance for most corporate events…even sooner if you have a multi-day or destination program.
We invite you to send us your request for proposal now to start planning and save on your next event.
P.S.: We will include a complimentary champagne toast for your guests in all requests received before August 15th, 2008!

Did you know?

We offer Destination Management services…

The VIBE agency provides comprehensive destination management services in over 20 locations around the world.
At any location, for any type and size of event, we can manage all your corporate programming needs every step of the way.
10 Most Requested Destinations:


Want ideas for your program?

That’s our job!

We work in close partnership with you, listen to your ideas, and help shape the vision for
your event-and then we pull all the details together with unparalleled professionalism
and service to create an event that is distinctive, impactful and unforgettable.

Case Study:
“Together with the Stars” was the glamorous theme for the 30th anniversary of L’Oreal Group’s Parbel. Imagine stepping out from your limo onto the red carpet entrance to South Beach’s Paris Theatre, walking down a corridor paved with stars featuring each Parbel’s brand leading to a luxurious reception area lined plasma screens showing black and white archival footage of actors accepting their own Hollywood stars and enjoying a dazzilng arial acrobat performance. Every element of the evening–the catering, the decoration, the music, the entertainment, the venue, the transportation– was designed around the theme creating a truly Hollywood Glam experience.

We believe in creating unique experiences that bring your brand to life with a “VIBE”. 

Our mission is to create exceptional events that capture your vision and inspire your audience.

Valerie Bihet
the VIBE agency

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