Hand planting small tree in garden

Waste Not. Event More.

Sustainability and environmental consciousness are important touchpoints for today’s event guests. They want to know that their attendance isn’t creating more waste or depleting natural resources. It takes…
vegas sign

Vegas Revamped

One of the world’s most popular event and convention destinations just keeps getting better. Las Vegas is back and it has a lot of new features for the…
AI digital white face

Events Powered by AI

Most often, people think of events as very human-centric. After all, it’s about people coming together to share in an experience, right? It also typically takes a highly…
people “engaged” during a virtual event

Redefining Engagement

We’ve come a long way when it comes to measuring the performance of an event. Attendance used to be one of the most important metrics, followed by online…
coloful office supplies

Back to School, Back to Work?

In just a few weeks, almost all American public schools are fully-reopening for in-person instruction. It may look a little different, kids may be asked to wear masks…
Best Post-COVID Travel Destinations

Best Post-COVID Travel Destinations

As in-person events and gatherings continue to make a comeback, the next question becomes finding destinations which offer the interesting atmosphere and activities of pre-pandemic events while still…
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