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Bullish Garners Big Attention
Thanks to VIBE’s Logistics
When major events come to town, it’s an opportunity for start-ups and emerging brands to get noticed by attendees. For Bullish, a new crypto exchange, that event was Consensus 2022 in Austin, TX. The conference is attended by approximately 15,000 guests each year, and since Bullish had launched only seven months before the conference, this would be their biggest shot at connecting with some of the cryptocurrency industry’s most prominent people.


Bullish knew they wanted to host a party with a unique-yet-memorable theme. Their event organizing team had already bought out four neighboring bars for the evening located close to the Consensus conference hall. 700 guests were invited to the pub-crawl-style cocktail party, but Bullish needed help coordinating the finer details.


Before the event, VIBE’s experienced team managed all branding, printing, and production of signage, 1500 swag bags, and necessary marketing materials. Then, VIBE also oversaw installation on-site and conducted a smooth, hassle-free check-in for all guests. Support staff for all aspects, including security, and a mascot for photos, also reported to VIBE to keep things running smoothly. Even with four different venues participating in the gathering, the effort was seamless and coordinated as though it was a single location with different feature spaces.


The guests enjoyed the street party atmosphere, and Bullish succeeded in making a big impression on its key audience. “I had the pleasure of working with Lea and Val on our street party event at Consensus 2022 in Austin, TX,” said Caroline Maroski, the Business and Marketing Manager for Bullish.


From helping to manage the final guest list to sorting out swag, Lea and Val were amazing in helping me manage all of the moving parts of the event. I leaned on both of them a great deal the day of and valued their suggestions and insight into making the party flow more efficient and seamless. I admired both Lea and Val’s calm and composed attitude, and their ability to assess a challenging situation and jump in with creative solutions! They had a great idea of setting up a t-shirt shop at the entrance of each of the four bars we had reserved, allowing people to pick out their shirt & size at their leisure versus the original idea of handing them out to people in the crowd. Things like this made a huge difference! Communication with them before the event was great and I appreciated the check-in calls and emails – it made it that much easier to hit the ground running when we all met for the first time in Austin. Thank you for everything!
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