3 Ideas to Maximize Interactivity During Virtual or Hybrid Events

3 Ideas to Maximize Interactivity During Virtual or Hybrid Events. Do you ever fear that engagement in your digital event will fall flat?  

Hi I'm Valerie with the Vibe Agency.  We help Corporate brands run successful events, whether be virtual, hybrid or In-person so that they can drive revenue, increase retention, build brand recognition, and motivate their teams.

This is a valid concern, especially if you have yet to lead your first digital or hybrid event. But look no further.  We have a few ideas for you to consider

1.  Mind reading - yes!  This is a great opener to kick things off.  These can typically last anywhere between five minutes to one hour, providing both a of entertainment and flexibility to the event organizer planning the run of show.

2.  Trivia: We've used a few of these for our events.  Trivias are lots of fun  breakout session;  attendees can participate using your phone and some applications allows up to 1,000 attendees!

3.  Mixology: One of our favorite ideas, especially for an evening reception.  You can get ingredients either delivered or in-store, and get the recipe and materials in advance so that for the session you’re ready to go. 

Cocktail can be themed as well.  We simply love it.