4 Trends That Make 2022 Incentive Travel Stronger Than Ever

Just a year ago, we were all wondering what the future held for incentive travel. Is it gone forever?

Hi I'm Valerie with the Vibe Agency.  We help Corporate brands run successful events, whether be virtual, hybrid or In-person so that they can drive revenue, increase retention, build brand recognition, and motivate their teams.

The news this year is that incentive travel is here to stay, and even though it’s evolved somewhat, that comes with some excellent benefits and opportunities.

TREND #1: People Want to Get Out There - After more than a year of working from home, people are ready to get out and they don’t need to go far to feel rewarded.

Weekend escapes to close-by destinations or tickets to an exclusive event in a neighboring city or state feels just as exciting as grabbing a passport for a week on the other side of the world.

TREND #2: Domestic is Dominant - Partly driven by the convenience of not needing COVID testing or proof of vaccination for travel within the U.S., people are preferring to stay in the country while getting away.

It means companies may be able to temporarily lower their incentive budgets or may choose to make more people eligible for incentive status.

TREND #3: Get In to Giving Back - People everywhere have spent the past year evaluating what’s really important to them. 

So, offering incentive travel that also does a bit of good resonates well with today’s workers.

Beach vacations with ocean-cleanup activities, mountain climbing with tree planting groups, are all unique experiences companies can offer. Bonus – a portion of this travel may even be tax deductible as a charitable donation. 

TREND #4: Flexibility. Flexibility. Flexibility

Being prepared for anything is a new skill almost all of humanity is practicing these days, and the ability to leave options open is highly appealing.

As such, some companies are allowing their incentive-driven team members to “bank” points to use how they wish, sometimes choosing from a selection of company-sponsored destinations and/or events.