5 Killer Tips for Hybrid Event

5 Killer Tips for hybrid event. Are you planning a hybrid event for the first time and you are looking for some tips and tricks?

Hi I'm Valerie with the Vibe Agency.  We help Corporate brands run successful virtual, hybrid and In-person events so that they can drive revenue, increase retention, build brand recognition, and motivate their teams.

Good news. At Vibe Agency, we create live, hybrid and virtual experiences for a long time so we know all the best tips and tricks to make your hybrid event a world-class success

So, here are my 5 killer tips on how to make your hybrid event successful

1. Hybrid event means in person and virtually in real time. It’s important to create an experience that is accessible for everyone all the time!

2. While the in-person audience attends live events, you will need to plan for the virtual audience additional content and events.

3. We all need a break! In-person attendees, as well as virtual attendees, must be allowed to take a rest during your event. 

4. EMCEES! Having dedicated emcees for the virtual audience to ask questions and engage helps to connect them with the live content.

5. Warning : Speakers, Planners and producers have to retrain their mindsets as presenters, because they are presenting to the room and… the camera.