5 Tips for Keeping your Business Successful While Staying Remote

I am the CEO of The Vibe Agency and since 1 year and half, I figure out that there are a few challenges when managing a remote team to consider.

Virtual businesses are inherently harder to run because, as a leader, you have fewer touchpoints with your team. Establishing good team dynamics and communication is crucial with distributed teams. The question is : How to do it?

After all these months of lockdown, my team is very happy to work remotely. So, should I keep my Miami corporate office? Is that still worse to have it or not?

On the other hand, where and how can I meet my team, my work buddies?

The online fatigue is real. We’re exhausted from all the time spent on Zoom Teams or other meeting platform. So, I drafted a plan. In the near futur, I will meet my team once a week in a co-working space. Why not ?

In Miami, we have a lot of options: WeWork, The Lab Miami, Minds Cowork, CityDesk are my favorites.

SECOND : Every week, we will have a team lunch in a restaurant. Which will allow us to check on new venue and restaurants for our events

And we will maintain birthday celebrations! A place I love in Miami for lunch is...Strawberry Moon. You eat so well there.

THIRD : Every 3 months, my team and I, will gather in a hotel for one full-day. The Goodtime Hotel of Pharell Williams is maybe a very good fit for our next meetings.

FOURTH: 2 times a year, I will take the Vibe Agency to a Business Retreat and partners with our vendors and check it out.

FIFTH: Meanwhile, for our daily touchpoint, still considering using a virtual desktops app with my team. We are using Microsoft Teams , let's continue and check also fellow app, why not.

It is VERY important to keep your team motivated and engaged in the Company Culture, even remotely! Go Vibe, Go !