Did You Say Micro Experiences?

Did You Say Micro Experiences? If you're planning a company conference or large event, do you know the importance of “serving to the middle?” If not, you're missing the mark.

Hi I'm Valerie with the Vibe Agency.  We help Corporate brands run successful events, whether be virtual, hybrid or In-person so that they can drive revenue, increase retention, build brand recognition, and motivate their teams.

How do you serve the middle? The larger the group, the more difficult it is to create totally unique experiences for each attendee.  Micro’ experiences by contrast explore deeply personal passions or interests.

They create a way to connect with customers, employees, or other stakeholders in ways that make your brand relevant and meaningful to that person. Here a few examples of micro experiences.

"Serve the middle" means... and here's how to do it. Provide activities that appeal to a certain part of someone’s nature - these can be kite-making and kite flying experience, or a tree-planting ceremony.

Think Digitally: A digital save the date is nice, but a digital save-the-date mini maze game breaks through the clutter.

Though it may seem like it’s just a few seconds to a few hours of an interaction, micro experiences create deeper, long-lasting relationships that reinforce loyalty, teamwork, and ultimately, success.