Event Budget Adjustments Needed to Host Safe Events

Is your event budget setting you up for success? In this video, we'll look at tips, for creating a reliable event marketing budget in 2021 and beyond.

Hi I'm Valerie with the Vibe Agency. We help Corporate brands run successful events, whether be virtual, hybrid or In-person so that they can drive revenue, increase retention, build brand recognition, and motivate their teams.

Whether you’re planning an in-person, virtual, or hybrid event, the many moving parts of an event strategy are bound together by the event budget.

Given that an event's budget is directly related to the event outcome, creating a thorough and realistic event budget is a key ingredient for event success.

#1: Venue and staff costs – 20% increase

#2: Audio visual, décor and entertainment – 10% increase

#3: Event technology – 50% increase  

#4: Hardware and registration supplies – 25% increase

#5: Pandemic compliance – new expense – 100%+ increase

#6: Safety equipment – new expense – 100%+ increase

#7: Travel and transportation – 111% increase

#8: Signage – 50% increase.  At the VIBE agency, we are known to deliver onbrand experiences within your budget