Here's What's Messed up about Business as Usual. It Actually Might Cost You

Running your event or business as usual may cost you. With more and more people around the world receiving vaccinations, the “re-opening” of the world is already underway

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In moving “back to business” not all companies will adopt the same policy. Even two businesses in the same industry or category

and single brands with global offices may find that work scenarios vary from country to country or region to region.

This makes it more crucial than ever that brands and organizations find ways to keep their teams united and connected

As restrictions continue to ease, organizing safe in-person gatherings for sales conferences, incentive trips, and training seminars will be important steps forward for businesses to resume pre-pandemic activity.

 In deciding what’s best for your team – do a 5-senses review. 1. Touch – do your products or services need to be felt, handled, or demonstrated

2. Taste – do you work in any industry where food and beverage are a crucial component of the sales/customer service experience?

3. Smell – How important is aroma to your customer/guest experience? Can it be suitably replicated with paper “tester” strips or other mail-able samples?

4. Sound – Is there any element of sound in your work that cannot be transmitted via standard or online audio & video?

5. Sight – Is there any visual element of your work that cannot be suitably captured by video and photographic means?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then an in-person event may be worth planning in the near future.

If you’re uncertain, or simply not ready to return to in-person, then a hybrid option may be best.

And, if you can say no to the entire 5-sense review, then virtual may hold many advantages for you.

Vibe can help you with the planification of any of your events – hybrid, virtual and in-person.