Hybrid Events - Myth or Reality

Often perceived as the best of both worlds, hybrid events are unique ways to build relationships with both in-person and online audiences.

Hi I'm Valerie with the Vibe Agency. We help businesses to master live event, online, in-person and impact their audience. As an event planner and producer, I personally should love hybrid events

However, there are few unavoidable truths about Hybrid Events that typically get ignored, overlooked, or misunderstood, which leads to lack-luster results.

1. Myth: Hybrid events are cheaper than having everyone attend in person

Truth: Hybrid events CAN be cost-efficient ways to appeal to large groups since some travel and venue expenses can be avoided.

However, hybrid events require additional technology needs that are not included with most in-person venues. These expenses should be weighed against the potential gains of expanding the audience to two different platforms.

2. Myth: Livestreaming a live event is the same as hosting a hybrid event

Truth: Would you want to watch all your friends have an in-person birthday party in your honor, while you watched from home?

This is the problem with assuming that livestreaming an event is “enough” to make a hybrid event successful.

Activities that engage – and more importantly CONNECT – both in-person and digital audiences are essential.

Otherwise, your digital attendance will suffer with future events. Digital photo booths are an example of how remote audiences can be part of the action by allowing for co-operative photos and interaction.

Similarly, games or polls that happen online for both audiences can be fun ways to build a unified experience. 

3. Myth: It’s impossible to recreate “live” engagement with virtual audiences

Truth: It may take a little extra planning, but virtual audiences can absolutely participate in live, in-person activities.

Delivering physical items in a swag-bag-style box ahead of the event can mirror things happening at the live event.

Mixology kits, costumes or accessories, earbuds, or even a scavenger-hunt assignment can inspire real-life interactions that digital attendees find memorable.

At VIBE, we like to tell our clients there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Sometimes, the timeliness of an occasion requires a hybrid event.