Despite the devastating toll that COVID-19 has taken globally on the event industry,
what is something positive that has happened to you, your business, or community because of it?

I am glad to say we had a very smooth transition from in-office to working from home. We travel so much as part of executing our events that we’ve been cloud-based for a while and everyone is good with working from laptops in different locations. We also decided to move to homes quickly for the best of each person’s health and overall morale. Flexibility is so important to keep positive attitudes when running a company I believe.


We are even doing virtual happy hours on Fridays now. At the moment it’s only internally but we would love to have more partners join in.


Action-wise, we are using this time to rethink our processes, clean up our database of information and resources, and really trying to connect with our vendor partners or make new ones, who offer education via webinars or online services.


We have worked for the last 6 months to implant our CRM and now this the perfect time to train our team on this new tool.


For myself, because I am no longer commuting 40 minutes each way, I am now getting over an hour back in my day to prioritize my physical health and practice self-care.


Valerie Bihet


VIBE, Miami, FL

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