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Coty Hosts a Dazzling
Product Launch
in Cancun, Mexico

Coty is a global cosmetics conglomerate that oversees multiple beauty brands such as Covergirl, Rimmel, as well as fragrance divisions for Burberry, Chloe, and others. In 2019, they had big plans to unveil the year’s latest products and selling strategies. More than 100 beauty advisors would need to come together to learn the product line and discover messaging and tactics to successfully bring the product launch to consumers.


Every element of the experience needed to speak towards luxury, refinement, and attention to detail only true luxury brands can deliver. At the same time, the company wanted to be sure to inspire its beauty advisor guests with an immersive-yet-fun event. VIBE coordinated an ultra-luxury encounter at Secrets: The Vine, in Cancun, Mexico. This exquisite multi-day affair right on the white sandy beaches and gorgeous cerulean waves of the Caribbean.


As a AAA Four Diamond Resort, Secrets: The Vine had everything to elevate the event to the high level of the featured brands. The welcome party took on a Mexican theme to set the tone for a few days of tropical escape, complete with local cuisine.

For the training workshops throughout the event, VIBE created multiple distinct brand “showrooms” for new fragrances from Hugo Boss and Gucci, with activities such as creating your own perfume bottle with a pair of boxers (unusual, yes… but also unforgettable).

Full-group gatherings became a chance to really shine – such as a Gucci-sponsored dinner held at Sea Salt Grill, one of the resort’s eight on-property F&B destinations. The menu featured a delectable four-course meu of scallop and salmon carpaccio, cream of asparagus soup, fresh-caught fish, and a strawberry+Grand Marnier dessert. The true highlight of the dinner, however, was the personalized attention given to each guest as part of the evening’s
“memories” theme. The VIBE staff hunted down baby pictures of each attendee and used them as nametags for the night (no small feat, and lots of planning, but definitely worth it). Other major elements of the event included a special presentation from the Calvin Klein brand, and a Tiffany & Co. themed gala dinner.

To take full advantage of the amazing location, a fun beach games challenge created plenty of opportunities for teambuilding in a sunny, relaxed setting. Teams completed a series of outdoor competitions with the top two teams receiving medals and the top competitor winning a bottle of champagne.


“People often forget just how centrally located Mexico is,” shares Valerie Bihet, founder of VIBE. “Flights are generally similar when it comes to flight times from the U.S., Caribbean, and South America – which was essential for this particular event.” As well, Mexico has the feeling of being worlds away without requiring lengthy travel, which leaves more time for the actual event itself. The top resorts also know how to serve a wide range of clientele at leading international standards – including service in English and Spanish, elite cuisine, incredible amenities, and state-of-the-art event spaces both indoors and outdoors.”


With grace and humility throughout, you did everything to ensure our conference event was flawlessly executed according to the brief.
Your execution went above and beyond expectations, and it is thanks to your endeavor that this conference has been the “Best Coty America conference ever”, and when I say “Best”, this is the feedback I am getting from BA’s who have served us over 10 years.

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