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So many events have happened since our last newsletter… Our team has been working hard to imagine always more innovative and creative events for our clients. Always seeking for the latest technology, VIBE Agency is here to help your business to grow faster and to give your teams and your customers the most incentive and incredible experiences.


Of course, we can’t sum up in this summer newsletter all the great adventures we’ve already lived through the last months. But we hope that you appreciate our permanent commitment toward your business and that our expertise always satisfies your goals and expectations, and will always do. So take a close look at our 4 selected topics to find inspiration for the next three upcoming summer months.


mc donalds party

On last April 18th, French McDonald Franchises’ owners and their family were hosted at Fantasy of Flight in Polk City, FL. This Gala dinner, punctuating and rewarding a year of good sales numbers in France, had to be unique, exactly like every event VIBE Agency’s produces.


The organization of McDonald’s Gala Dinner was a thrilling and challenging opportunity for us, along with our partner HAVAS, to express the know-how of our team. Indeed, to obtain such a result, this kind of event requires a huge upstream preparation. From setting the objectives to the D-Day, there is a succession of operations that our professional event makers will define and plan along with your company.


There are several main points that will guide us into the process. Among these, you will find the selection of the venue, the choice of the theme and the service providers. Of course, there is no room for amateurism: we provide upper qualitative services in respect of our customers’ wishes and we pick the best partners.


In the case of McDonald’s Corporation, the theme was turned toward the After-WWII period, a booming era for entrepreneurship, opportunities, technological development and confidence into the future. Attendees experienced the highway patrol escort from their hotel to the venue, followed by an amazing visit of the Fantasy of Flight’s private plane collection and, of course, a sumptuous aerobatic show as the sun was going down.


This kind of creative and inspiring corporate meetings is possible thanks to event professionals who go beyond what is expected, underlining the VIBE Agency 360°+1° commitment (adding an emotional element to a comprehensive event experience).


camera livestreaming

With the development of social media, livestream became an inevitable tool to reach a larger audience. Livestreaming is a way to put an unedited video online that can be watched by every person that follows the account, almost live. This means that, with an audience of 300 attendees, you can reach 10, 20 and possibly a 100 times more people. You understand livestream’s power if you consider the 2 billion existing Facebook accounts and the different apps proposing livestream such as Instagram, Periscope, Twitter, YouTube, and so on…


In order to manage a successful coverage of your event, you have to follow some essential rules. Viewers must easily understand the content and catch some information such as the place and the theme. Your brand must also have a central place and must be quickly identifiable, with the use of a hashtag for example.


Thus, livestream is an amazing and powerful tool for communication. Nevertheless, if you can use it for your own followers, attendees can use livestream for their own and create videos you can’t control. This is why your booth display and your event decor have to be processed considering the potential livestreaming use.


To encourage it, you must design a unique content. By using technological tools, drones, lighting effects or experiential marketing that enriches customer experience, you will create your own rules to get people’s attention and to reach the widest possible audience. VIBE Agency’s team stands beside you and helps you to stand out of the crowd.


green wall

Drones, digital displays, media walls, lighting effects… Current technology allows you to develop amazing tools that make the difference during your events. Event planners are steadily looking for new ways to innovate and to inspire. An alternative could be to develop another dimension than a technological one in order to catch attendees’ attention. Living green walls offer plenty of possibilities, either for an original indoor design or an elegant outdoor display. We are not talking about an artificial lawn but a real green architecture.


Composed of modular, flexible and lightweight elements, the green wall can easily and quickly be set up at your booth. Every style is conceivable, from the elegant and tidy brand signage to the most natural, luxurious and fanciful background. You can of course enrich it with rocks, waterfalls and original lighting system. You could even mix it with a digital display.


Besides impressing your attendees, green elements have an incredible calming power. Much like meditation or a better diet, green became an important tool to increase wellness in life and at work.


Green walls can also have a high experiential marketing power as you could create a giant green hashtag made of roses and other plants, exuding a sumptuous flagrance. Thus, green wall has a strong effect on communication. Once again, the only limit is your imagination. What about organizing a special dinner in a complete and poetic green venue, or setting a green design with seasonal or exotic plants theme at your corporate event?


Of course, the green wall option can be expanded from your meetings and events to your commercial buildings and facades. Numerous green roofs already exist, catching carbon and releasing oxygen. It also allows temperature control as the vegetal roofs and walls create a protective and insulating layer, instead of using cooling systems. This could greatly benefit to your business and to your brand image as you become an eco-responsible actor.


The living green wall will undoubtedly become a standard in the following years as people show more concern about environment and appreciate the peaceful atmosphere that it develops. Take time to think about it for your next events and don’t hesitate to ask for more professional advices.



Valerie Bihet

On last May 24th, 2018, VIBE Agency and its French partner Datakalab won the FACC Innovation Awards in Miami. This was a great reward that announces a brand new era in the neuromarketing industry and data process. As Datakalab’s unique partner in the US, VIBE Agency is honored to propose to our current and future clients new solutions to improve their business opportunities.


How does the software work? It is paired with cameras installed on the stage where your guests should be focused. Throughout the presentation(s) the cameras will scan the crowd, capturing and measuring the micro changes of attendees’ facial movements that aren’t always visible to the naked eye. This data gathered is then fed into the Datakalab technology and analyzed by the company’s neuroscience experts.


In the past years, quantitative and qualitative marketing studies have helped marketers to reach new markets and to better adapt their products to consumers. Every professional knows how much time and which cost can reach these studies. Datakalab, with its emotional marketing tools and the process of the Feel Data©, brings a third and deeper dimension into consumers’ behavior exploration.


Indeed, through face coding, connected bracelets, eye tracking or voice stress analysis, the French lab succeeded into collecting non-invasive and unbiased data: the Facial Action Coding System. Processing these data allows tremendous opportunities for marketers that will be able to conceive precise advertisement campaigns, to target the right consumers and to keep priceless time to develop more business opportunities.


You can easily imagine the incredible potential of such a solution for experiential marketing and creative customer experience during your events, and beyond. The whole VIBE Agency’s team is ready and eager to help you to take your business up to the next level.


Once again, we are happy to say that we sincerely appreciate working with great big and small companies that aim at the same goal: to go beyond what is possible to reach the unimaginable. The whole VIBE Agency wishes you a great summertime, relaxing vacations and incentive destinations. And keep an eye on our upcoming blog articles to not miss any inspiring advices.

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