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The post-pandemic slump is a real challenge facing businesses in all industries. Employees working remotely feel disconnected from full-time in-office team members. People who have been with companies for a long time are feeling uncertain about the future. Short staffing issues have team leaders and other employees feeling worn out. And executives are under tremendous stress to managing these issues while also delivering on bottom-line profitability. So, it was no surprise when Bollore – a logistics and shipping company based in Charleston, SC came to VIBE hoping to get team members excited and strategize on how to move forward.


This three-day event for approximately 50 guests would include the US CEO and Worldwide CEO, branch managers from across the U.S., and various corporate executives. Bollore wanted to lift spirits, but they also wanted to leverage that energy and enthusiasm toward addressing critical company needs. The ultimate goal was for attendees to leave motivated and ready to take on the tasks that would lead to positive progress for everyone in the company.


VIBE started with a theme that could serve as inspiration attendees could take with them even after the event was over. #LEVELUP became the concept that ran through all portions of the event. VIBE then got deep into content development for executive leadership. VIBE Founder, Valerie Bihet, worked personally with each executive on their presentation, utilizing her many years in corporate relations and content production to ensure spectacular results. Through VIBE’s recommendation, many chose to give their presentations using Kahoot, and an interactive tool to help improve engagement and guest involvement. When all guests convened at the Hotel Bennet in Charleston, #LEVELUP took on even more dimension. On Day 1, attendees took part in a city-wide scavenger hunt as a teambuilding activity that also gave guests a fun-filled tour of the city. The game served to energize a friendly competitive spirit, as did a get-to-know-you bingo game later on. The welcome reception and outdoor dinner were equally engaging, with an opening video so dynamic the client plans to repurpose footage for upcoming training films. Over the following two days, VIBE brought in Scott Moore, a recognized motivational speaker, and sales coach, to oversee workshops. He worked alongside a graphics specialist who helped teams visualize goals in large-format charts and illustrations so ideas became real instead of abstract. VIBE also coordinated professional headshots for any guest that wanted one and booked entertainment in the form of The Water Coolers – a hit musical & comedy troupe who even customized a song for Bollore using the company’s shorthand and inside humor, complete with audience participation.


To push beyond standard thinking VIBE knew we would have to push beyond the typical event, packing in as much as we could, while still maintaining the client’s budget. The solution, in this case, was nothing more than personalized, hands-on attention, and diligent in-house management from end to end. Exceptional accommodations, Broad-way-caliber entertainment, professional graphics that were later digitized for future company use, customized branding for the event, specialty badges and signage, and white-glove service not only raised morale but left the client feeling as though it was the best meeting they’d ever hosted.


This was our first experience with the VIBE Agency, but I trust this will not be the last. Our goal was to regroup, motivate our team members and leverage everyone’s energy to address future critical company needs. Not only did we accomplish just that, but we did it while having fun. The logistics and execution were flawless. Attention to details and personal attention from beginning to end made a huge difference. Our 3-day event was a big success in my mind. Thank you Valerie!
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