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VIBE Designs VIP Event
for Cardano During
Consensus Conference
Larger conferences are excellent for brand exposure due to mass audiences within a single venue. However, it can be challenging to narrow down prospects, opportunities, and meaningful contacts without an exclusive interaction. This was the goal for Cardano, a cryptocurrency/blockchain platform during Consensus 2022 – one of the largest conferences fully devoted to digital currency, transaction gateways, and related technology.


The yearly event is held each year in Austin, TX, and features some of the industry’s top experts and brands. Major players like PayPal, the U.S. Department of Treasury, Fidelity Investments, Pantera Capital, and hundreds of other C-level executives from similar companies were all among the audi- ence of more than 15,000 total attendees for the multi-day conference. Cardano wanted a chance to establish relationships with noteworthy VIPs and sponsors away from the rest of the crowd. Cardano had a guest list of approximately 1,000 people for what would be a single-evening event. The gathering needed to be exciting and memorable, while also allowing for effective networking and one-on-one conversations.


Understanding the sheer size of the event, and the objective of creating relationships, VIBE designed and created booths within the Cardano outdoor event space. More than 20 total booths were created, each with a lounge space and television monitor for presentations as needed. Each booth also had sponsor representatives for partner brands, allowing for discussions and further networking. VIBE also did projection mapping of the company logos on the various trees around the space. Along with the booths, the main event space also included a festival-style stage where Cardano co-founder, Charles Hoskinson delivered a keynote speech, and kicked off with dancing and a live DJ. Vibe supported this space with a creative lounge space with lots of plants and seating made from shipping pallets and colorful pillows. A food-truck dinner served guests with ease and eliminated complications of seating and plating 1000 guests for a formal meal.


Cardano and its sponsors were all very pleased with both the turnout for the event and how effortlessly it transpired. Guests found it easy to network at various booths without distractions typical in a conference-hall setting, and the curated guest list ensured that the right decision-makers were in the right place at the right team – generating more business opportunities for everyone.
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