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10 DEC

Spruce Up Virtual Holiday Parties With Festive Teambuilding Games

Corporate Event News

The Miami-based Vibe Agency, which counts luxury and beauty brands among its clients, is teaming with British-based entertainment guru SongDivision to produce a virtual singalong competition for a French…
18 NOV

Planning a Virtual Event on a Tight Timeline? Here Are Some Expert Tips for Making it Work


Let’s face it: We don’t always have the time—or the budget—to build the virtual event of our dreams. But that’s no reason to throw in the towel! Here, event pros across the country discuss how to plan an effective…
18 NOV

Six of the best alternative company Christmas celebrations


With Christmas just a few weeks away, office chatter would ordinarily be turning to upcoming festive celebrations whether that be a team Christmas lunch, cocktail reception, glamorous dinner affair or full on company…
15 OCT

Spectrum Business Insights

Spectrum Business Insights

When the pandemic hit and everything shut down, I was immediately in touch with all of my clients. I wanted them to know I was here for them, and in the beginning, we did not talk about business at all. I invited them…
09 OCT

Benefits of Virtual Events


The coronavirus pandemic brings bouts of anxiety, uncertainty, and stress. “Just like in PR, if you don’t communicate in crisis (or ongoing pandemic), you will lose exposure and connection to your clients, customers, and…
01 OCT

The BizBash 500


From packed conferences, sporting events and festivals to nonprofit fundraisers, nationally televised award shows, and so much more, these event pros continue to set trends and raise standards for the…
18 SEP

Top 50 Event Planning Companies

Special Events

A strong first quarter saw events including an incentive trip that brought a client to Super Bowl in Miami; a sales convention for Danone; and VIP events at CES in Las Vegas. The COVID crisis didn’t stop Vibe…
14 SEP


Corporate Event News

Valerie Bihet’s more than 20 years of experience in the management, design and production of special events began with stints at Disneyland Paris in her native France and for Club Med, a job that brought her to the…
11 SEP

Choosing a Speaker for Digital Events

Event Planner + Event Mobi

What you really need are people who know how to talk on broadcast television and look at the camera to connect rather than rely on audience feedback…
10 SEP

Event Skills Post-COVID

Corporate Event News

COVID-19 came up quickly and took our industry by storm. We had to shut down immediately with no clear return to the “business as usual” that other industries are now getting to experience. There are some businesses…
09 SEP

Engaging your audience in a virtual world – corporate event agency Vibe invites industry to communication symposium

Travel Markets Insider

Digital, remote, hybrid, and other kinds of virtual events are all on the rise. Whether you’re hosting a product demonstration, social occasion, networking function, webinar, or even an international conference, the…
12 AUG

5 Things You Need To Know To Create a Successful and Innovative Service Based Business


I want to inspire people to build their own business. I want to give back to the community with all that I have learned from starting and growing my own brand and company. If I had someone when I started my business…
10 AUG

How Do You Keep Virtual Attendees Engaged

Event Planner

We have recently partnered up with Sparkup, a new digital platform that allows our attendees to interact more with the in-person elements (or speakers) of the event and with each other. Online attendees can participate…
21 JUL

Let's Get Phygital: How Merging Physical and Digital Can Save Events


Here, corporate planner Valerie Bihet explains why “phygital” events will create a greater experience for attendees. It’s time to add “phygital” to the event industry’s lexicon. The contraction of physical and digital is…
15 JUL

Your Story: Valerie Bihet


Valerie Bihet has more than 20 years of experience in the management, design, and production of special events that communicate and achieve her client’s objectives. Her event experience spans high-profile social…
07 JUL

Incorporating Sponsors Into Virtual Events

The Vendry

Because virtual events lack an in-person physical space, the opportunities to display sponsor messaging might seem limited. After all, there are no booths where attendees can grab some branded swag. But that doesn’t…
29 JUN

In the COVID-19 Era, Let’s Get Phygital


Add “phygital” to the event industry’s lexicon. The contraction of physical and digital is technically not a new term. Retail marketers coined it a couple of years back to bridge the gap between brick-and-mortar stores…
23 JUN

Hybrid Events: A Short-Term Solution or Long-Term Strategy?


Are hybrid events a short-term solution to current conditions or a long-term shift in the events space? We asked Event Planners if they are planning to incorporate a hybrid strategy for events going forward, and if yes…
20 JUN

Hybrid Events: The hottest topic in the events industry.


Are hybrid events a short-term solution to current conditions or a long-term shift in the events space? We asked Event Planners if they are planning to incorporate a hybrid strategy for events going forward, and if yes…
17 JUN

press-What Will Hybrid Events Look Like


Like with virtual-only events, hybrid event schedules need to think through time zone issues. Where will most of your attendees be located, and how can you make the timing work for all (or most) of them? For example…
05 JUN

Drive-In Revival: Social Distancing for Events, Retro Edition

Smart Meetings

Valerie Bihet of VIBE Agency wants planners to go back to the future to safely start bringing people together for product launches, sales kick-offs and corporate social events. She also has insights about why you should…
18 MAY

Las Vegas: The Meetings Capital of the World Looks to Reopen

Corporate & Incentive Travel

Starting the day with a private flight over the Grand Canyon at sunrise and ending the day with front row seats at a Cirque du Soleil show is one of the best memories meeting planners can offer to guests says Valerie…
18 MAY

Miami: A Unique Combination of International Flair and Island Vibe

Corporate & Incentive Travel

Valerie Bihet, director of the Miami-based VIBE Agency, says she has found Miami to be an ideal destination for both her American as well as European clients. For a pair of meetings last spring, Bihet used The Palms Hotel…
14 MAY

Virtual Events: 19 Sponsorship Ideas

Northstar Meetings Group

Some of the most effective sponsorships are those that take place between the educational events themselves. Valerie Bihet, director of VIBE Agency, based in Miami, suggests getting a sponsor to underwrite a…
01 MAY

The Ultimate Team Building Activities for Any Group

Northstar Meetings Group

The ability to work together effectively is crucial for any organization. And for meeting planners, team building activities are an especially productive way to engage individuals – whether a group of 10, 100 or 1,000 – and foster greater collaboration and cooperation…
22 APR

Tips for Creating Social Media Content--Without Event Photos

Special Events

As event professionals, our social media accounts are typically flooded with gorgeous images of our latest events and the elements that made them stand-out experiences: gorgeous food, beautifully designed tables…
07 APR

6 Ways Event Planners Can Maintain Client Relationships During the COVID-19 Outbreak


Valerie Bihet, director of VIBE Agency in Miami, points out another practical benefit of social media. “We have found many people have unfortunately been laid off or furloughed, which prevents them from opening their…
21 MAR

Despite the devastating toll that COVID-19 has taken globally on the event industry, what is something positive that has happened to you, your business, or community because of it?

Event Planner

For myself, because I am no longer commuting 40 minutes each way, I am now getting over an hour back in my day to prioritize my physical health and practice self-care…
25 FEB

How Coronavirus Is Affecting a Meeting Near You

Smart Meetings

For the meetings industry, the ripple effect of the ongoing health crisis known as COVID-19, or new coronavirus, keeps expanding—and where it stops, nobody knows. Increasingly, experts say it may be a rocky ride for the industry…
21 FEB

Valerie Bihet

Event Planner

if you want to draw attention and have them remember your event and why you hosted it, whether employees or clients, you need to tell a story and every story has a title…
20 FEB

The Face Of Success


As the director of Vibe, an event design and destination management company in Miami, Florida, Valérie Bihet has a keen understanding of the importance of face-to-face meetings within the events industry…
23 JAN

Creative Ways to Engage Event Guests

ILEA Experience

Anytime a company hosts, sponsors or exhibits at an event, there is a reason behind it. Whether it’s to drive sales, get more publicity, connect with customers, introduce a new product or simply increase brand awareness…
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