New England village in winter

Exploring the Winter Side of New England

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While some of America’s northernmost states are famous for their mild summers and beautiful fall foliage, the whole of New England offers abundant opportunities for culture, adventure, and memorable enjoyment to accent any event. As an extra bonus, this time of the year is less crowded and often filled with smart off-season or shoulder season values depending on the destination.

Looking for inspiration, try a few of these under-appreciated favorites:

Not just skiing – sledding too!

From the mountains of Vermont, New Hampshire, and even Rhode Island any level of skier or snowboarder can find some fun and challenge. The slopes of New England are generally less crowded (and far less expensive) than those in Colorado and the rest of the Rocky Mountains, and quaint lodges and accommodations mean your group might just have the whole place to yourself depending on the size of your event.

Where New England winter excitement really stands apart, however, is in its many alternative ways to travel down the mountain or hillside. Snow tubing, in particular, has become incredibly popular since there’s absolutely zero learning curve like skiing. Just grab an inflatable tube, hit the hills and slide down. Seacoast Adventure Park in Maine and nearly a dozen tubing lanes at Butternut Resort in Massachusetts are both best-kept secrets in the area.

Experience an Early Spring or Summer

What many people don’t realize about New England is that there are tons of indoor activities that feel just like being in warm weather. Botanical gardens and greenhouses throughout upstate New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey are filled with dazzling flowers in full bloom this time of year. Want to feel even more delightfully out of season? Head to Surf’s Up in New Hampshire – the country’s largest indoor surfing facility, open year round of course.

Visit Craft Breweries and Wineries

A great activity any time of year is to watch how local grapes are turned into delectable wines, and how autumn wheat turns into seasonal ales and lagers. Often, the various breweries and wineries outside Boston, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, and other New England sites also offer unique menu pairings of local lunch, dinner, or dessert dishes to accent the flavors present in the libations.

Of course, all of New England is rich in historic sites, museums, and top performing arts, which can also make for excellent entertainment or memorable experiences. Don’t be afraid to customize your experience with an innovative mix of several activities.

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