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Even More Ideal Events to Host in the Metaverse (Part 2)

metaverse events

We’ve been talking about the Metaverse over the past few months and for good reason: crafting the right experience can be tricky but can also be a game changer for engaging attendees. In Part 1 of this series we discussed how product launches, conferences and fashion events are all highly effective in the Metaverse, what […]

The Most Effective Events You Can Host in the Metaverse (Part 1)

shoe in metaverse events

The way we interact with each other and with technology is rapidly changing. Even post-pandemic, people are spending more time online with connected media, entertainment, and e-commerce than ever before. On average, the typical web user spends just under seven hours a day connected to online platforms. That’s nearly half of most people’s waking hours. […]

3 Easy Alternatives to COVID Cancellations

a covid cancellations piece of paper being teared down

We’ve all been there – plans have been in place for weeks, deposits have been paid, the guest list and technology fine-tuned – and then, another COVID variant gets announced. It can be frustrating for everyone. Guests are disappointed if the event is cancelled, yet many will not attend if there are concerns about COVID […]

Who is the Event Planner of Tomorrow?

Event planner in front of monitors

As the event marketing industry changes, the professionals charged with organizing and executing events must evolve to meet the changing needs of its clients. With concepts like digital, hybrid, and Metaverse events all either part of the landscape or coming soon on an even larger scale, today’s event planners must look to the future to […]

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