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Smart Ways to Effectively Use AI at Your Next Event


If it seems like Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere nowadays, it’s because it’s true. People and businesses increasingly use AI to simplify or streamline various tasks to save time, money, and resources.

But how can you bring AI’s benefits into event planning, which is usually about human interactions? The trick comes in knowing how to use AI to handle background work so your people have more time for making the connections that matter most. Try these four simple AI functions for your next event and see the notable difference they can make.

guest service

1. Pre-Event Registration and Guest Service

Organizing names, number of guests, dietary preferences, and travel needs would typically take a team of three to five people several hours (or even days) to complete. AI can do it in minutes and even create distinct groups of people like those traveling from the same destination, those with accessibility needs, managers vs. executives, and many other classifications, all without wasting time.

AI can also improve the registration process with chat-bots or voice-recognition assistants to answer frequently asked questions or guide people through an online registration process. Just place a QR code or link on your invitations, and AI can handle the rest.

enhanced arrivals

2. AI-Enhanced Arrivals

You don’t need an army to mend the arrival table if you have AI kiosks that use facial recognition, automatically print guests’ name tags, and direct them to a welcome gathering. Attendees get the benefit of an expedited arrival that still feels highly customized.

Waiting for a VIP to show up? An AI can send event organizers an instant alert when a VIP begins the check-in process so they can be escorted in person to whatever experience awaits next.

a robot holding a food tray

3. Food & Beverage Made Easier – and Better 

If your event waitstaff is overwhelmed with special requests, the chances of making a mistake increase.

AI helps avoid those problems by digitizing the ordering process to take human error out of the equation. Guests can pre-order before the event, and AI can even assist with labeling tables or seats to identify which special meals belong to which guests.

With pre-prepared meals or grab-and-go service, AI allows attendees to place orders via their phones or a shared tablet on each table, thus reducing the number of waitstaff needed. Instead of rushing from table to table to take orders and run them to the kitchen, waitstaff can start delivering meals when digital orders come in.

ai networking

4. The Ultimate Networking Ice-Breaker  

In a perfect world, someone would be available to make flawless introductions with every guest and match them with people of similar interests. With enough time and research, human teams can do this, but it takes a lot of people to execute during the event. With AI, facial recognition or a QR code on name tags can bring up that guest’s profile and match it to other guests.

You can even make a fun activity by having AI send a “blue” notification to one group so they know how to find each other and get together. In contrast, other groups receive “yellow” or “green” notifications.

As AI keeps growing and expanding, we’re constantly finding new ways to let AI technology do more of the heavy lifting at corporate events and open up more opportunities for event organizers to get involved with their guests. Get in touch with VIBE to learn more exciting ways we can bring this value and convenience to your next event.  

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