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Production Perfection: How to Choose the Right Event Production Partner


You’ve prepared for weeks. Your entire audience is there. The lights go down, the room gets quiet with anticipation, and then…. Nothing.
We’ve all been to events where a production issue made an event unforgettable for all the wrong reasons. You can’t predict things bad weather or power outages. Still, with the right production partner, you can avoid many of the most common problems associated with technology, presentations, staffing, etc. Use VIBE’s 3-point checklist when selecting an event production partner you can count on.

Right Event Production Partner

Step #1 – Pick a Planner

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Nowhere is this more true than when choosing an event production partner. The ideal partner will want to be involved from the beginning to understand your team’s vision fully and offer the most effective solutions for achieving your goals.
For instance, your team thought they needed a video, but a virtual reality experience could be created for close to the same budget with just a bit more planning. An event producer who gets involved just days before the scheduled event cannot do that for you.

Production Perfection

Step #2 – Choose a Master Coordinator

How often have you gotten close to – or even during – an event only to realize something essential was missing? Having an event production partner that’s a stickler for details can help you avoid this unpleasant situation.
The more experienced your event production partner is, the better they will be at not only knowing everything your event may need but also at sourcing those needs at the best available cost, timing, and quality. It’ll also ensure you minimize or eliminate budget surprises at the last minute.

Production Perfection question

Step #3 – Ask a LOT of Questions

When your event marketing budget is on the line, you should spend your money as efficiently as possible. The right event production partner will be transparent through every step of the estimating and billing process and, even more importantly, will be welcoming towards questions. When everyone knows what to expect, the more likely your event will succeed in driving revenue, building brand recognition, motivating teams, or any other goal.

Consider asking your event production partner if they have a process for scheduled status updates or reports. Inquire as to whether or not you’ll have a dedicated point of contact you can reach with further needs. Find out if that partner can provide critical deadlines or benchmarks in the planning process to keep everyone on schedule. If not, you may want to look for a different event production partner sooner rather than later.

At VIBE, we believe we’re more than a supplier of equipment and labor for corporate events. We’re experts in the concept and execution of in-person, virtual, and hybrid events – delivering the knowledge and expertise to minimize risk and simplify events for organizers. If that’s the kind of event production partner you’re looking for, we’d be happy to discuss your next corporate event.

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