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The Different Types of Event Guests and How to Engage Them


Events can be a powerful marketing tool. Studies show that 31% of event organizers consider event marketing their most effective marketing tool – even higher than content marketing, traditional advertising, and digital campaigns. Also, 84% of event attendees say they have more positive views of companies and brands after attending events.

To make sure you’re maximizing those benefits at your next corporate event, you’ll want to make sure to engage with guests based on their personality type. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a popular personality profiling tool that uses a self-reporting questionnaire to identify how people perceive and interact with their world.
Knowing these most common personality types and how to engage them can boost guest satisfaction and success for your next gathering.


The Social Butterfly

Confident and outgoing, these guests don’t need a highly structured environment to get involved. They prefer moving from conversation to conversation or from one activity to the next with a great deal of freedom. Networking sessions and cocktail hours give these guests a chance to shine without worrying about them feeling bored or restless during long presentations.


The Classic Introvert

It’s a myth that introverts are automatically “shy.” They typically greatly enjoy meaningful conversation and connection; they’re less likely to initiate that first contact, or they may prefer a more reserved setting to feel comfortable. Smaller breakout sessions are great for introverts, as are small team-building activities and group projects. Avoid big contests, as introverts tend to be less competitive or prefer to avoid the spotlight. Instead, incentivize this group with one-on-one encounters.


The Realist

In every corporate structure, certain people have been “in the biz” for many years. They’ve seen and done it all in their minds, so they’re not impressed with glitz and showmanship. What realists do love is meeting a true expert or innovator with knowledge or a point of view that’s new or unique. Think TedTalk-like presentations or highly decorated keynote speakers to pique the interest of this group.

people pleaser

The People Pleaser

Some people enjoy being seen as useful or helpful in a situation. While this is a lovely person to have at any event, they can go so far in doing things for others that they end up not getting the full event experience for themselves.

To manage this, make sure there are a variety of helpful resources that are easily accessible to all attendees. VIBE loves using QR codes on badges for event scheduling for precisely this purpose. Also, consider giving this type of guest a task or responsibility for the event, like presenting awards or participating in a panel discussion, so they’re not constantly looking for other ways to pitch in.

Every person is unique, but altogether, people tend to be predictable. Take the time to get to know your audience, either in person or through smart pre-registration questionnaires and you’ll be able to customize your event. Then, partner with VIBE to make sure everyone walks away with a positive experience.

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