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Soothing = Success: Why to Select a Calm Experience for Your Next Event


When planning business events, organizers often want to load in as much fun and entertainment as possible. The thinking is that the more fun people have, the more satisfied they’ll be with the overall gathering. But sometimes, less can be more, and creating events centered around serenity and relaxation can have excellent benefits.

Want to know why calm event experiences are worth exploring, and a couple of destinations to get you started? We have insights and recommendations below

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Calm Experiences Keep Executives at Their Best

According to the National Institutes of Health, 64% of executives undergoing stress management listed work as their primary source of stress. That’s a problem because stress negatively impacts work performance in various ways. The most troubling of these negative factors for Executives are lack of focus and reduced creativity. Imagine company leadership that starts losing track of deadlines or loses their ability to be effective problem solvers… it’s a recipe for disaster from the top down.

Executive retreats or executive break-out sessions within a larger gathering are a good way to help executives reconnect with the less-stressed, higher-functioning version of themselves. Yoga, sound therapy, and massage are a good start, but think about bringing in specialists and experts in experiences designed to rekindle creativity, or help people tap into new perspectives. Wellness retreats and spa-like destinations are excellent selections for this, especially those that honor a zero-device policy so executives can relax or collaborate without interruptions from the office or the outside world. In just a couple of days, your event can transform frazzled execs into refreshed business role models, ready to lead with renewed strength.

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Calm Experiences Help with Employee Retention & Productivity

Numerous different studies have shown that stress in the workplace has direct consequences on a company’s bottom line. 91% of employees in one survey said that stress negatively impacts the quality of their work. In another study, 41% of employees said stress made them less productive, and more than 15% said stress was the reason they were actively looking for new jobs. The Harvard Business Review found that workplace stress leads to a 50% increase in voluntary turnover.

All these factors together, are estimated to cost the entire business community an estimated $200 billion to $300 billion a year in lost productivity.

So, what’s the solution? Help employees learn stress management techniques. The American Psychological Association found that 1 out of every 5 workers have zero outlets or strategies for dealing with stress. Why not make that the theme of your next event? Stress management takes many different forms and can range from mild-to-moderate fitness, self-soothing techniques, breathing exercises, diet, and other lifestyle changes. Pair activities like these with traditional business development sessions and seminars to help attendees feel more focused during meeting time, and less drained afterwards.

Calm Can Happen Anywhere

While the idea of literally disconnecting from everything and going to a remote calming escape is enticing, there are ways to bring a sense of calm to local events, too. In fact, event organizers can set up relaxation and stress-reduction experiences in lots of different local environments… without extra travel plans.

For instance, you may choose to have a group participate in a guided sunset or sunrise meditation in a beautiful uncrowded park, beach, forest, or hilltop. Yale University found that just two hours a week in nature can lower blood pressure, reduce stress hormones, reduce anxiety, improve mood, and even enhance immune-system function.

Looking for a way to lift employees’ spirits and also engage with outside clients, customers, or contacts? Consider hosting a wellness fair or charity 5k event. Besides the stress reduction benefits of being outside and getting exercise, you can also connect with vendors specializing in group fitness, cooking classes, relaxing music, and more. The important thing is to resist the urge to make anything “high energy” and instead provide more time for peaceful interactions.

Looking for more ways to bring a chill “vibe” to your next gathering? Contact VIBE to connect with destinations, activities, and more to make a calming event your next big success story.

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