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The 5 Most Beautiful Destinations For Glamping In The US

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The world has already started planning post quarantine getaways. If you would love to trade your sleeping bags with comfortable beds, without compromising the experience of camping, you’ve stumbled upon the right post.

By combining the word glamour and camping, glamping sites are primarily places that give you the best of comforts and perfect wildlife experience. The term first popped up in Google searches around the summer of 2007, and it has taken the world by storm ever since. Multi-course meals, comfortable king-size beds, private tents, bathrooms, and various outdoor activities perfectly define a glamping campsite.

If this is precisely what you’re looking for to get rid of the lockdown stress, don’t look any further. Here’s a combined list of the top five glamping cities in the US that you should consider. 

1 – Comfort, Texas

Comfort is a hidden hillside gem with a population of only 2500 people and is just minutes away from San Antonio. It’s known primarily for its beautiful campsites established near the shore of River Guadalupe. The campground offers comfortable cabins, a fire pit for everyone, a grand hall, and a cozy coffee bar. The list doesn’t end there, as adventures would love to enjoy fishing, camping, swimming, mountain biking, and hunting. The town offers beautiful antique shops, golf courses, and a welcoming winery. The city stands true to its name. Your glamping will be comfortable yet amidst nature. 

2 – Big Sky, Montana

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Photo by Sonja Guina on Unsplash

Big Sky is located close to the Rocky Mountains of Southern Montana and is nestled in between the mountain ranges. Adventures will love Big Sky as it’s well-known for its ski slopes, mountain bike trails, and hiking trails. The biggest highlight, however, is the Yellowstone National Park, which is Southeast of this cozy community. There is an abundance of wildlife, hot springs, and geysers here. Collective Yellowstone offers on service chefs, mind-blowing scenery, stunning interiors, and beautiful private decks. Glamping has never been as glamorous as it is celebrated in Collective Yellowstone. Tents here remain sold out most of the time since it is prevalent. Consider booking in advance to avoid last-minute hassles. 

Public transport is not a wise option, now that we’re living in the middle of a pandemic. Traveling by car is a safer option. Consider installing a roof rack basket on your vehicle to ensure it carries all of your luggage. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

3 – Mendocino, California

3. wooden cabana in the woods
Photo by opera infinita on Unsplash

The cliffside trails and stunning beaches of Mendocino are popular throughout Northern California. The art center and state park are significant attractions for natural and culture lovers. The cluster of restaurants is always open to satiate your hunger. With a whopping five stars on Airbnb and Trip Advisors, Mendocino Grove is a 37-acre establishment featuring tents of every size. This glamping site features rental tents, fire sites, coffee bars, and a bathhouse. You can enjoy the luxury of camping without worrying about the gear and your comfort.

4 – Marfa, Texas

4. tipi tents with campfire in the background

Also known as an arts hub, Marfa is a cozy city in the deserts of Trans-Pecos, West Texas. The vast spaces of this city is an open invitation for meditation and evening mounting hikes. The city is known for its art gallery by the minimalist artist Donald Judd. This desert city will calm your stressful nerves, just like working on the artist when he decided to make an establishment here. Apart from that, the live music and beautiful campsites will blow your mind. One of the most well-known glamping sites is El Cosmico. You will be offered a vintage trailer, simple tents, and a hammock grove. 

5 – Lake Wales, Florida

man in a red shirt in a hamac looking at a lake

Somehow past and present are merged into a single timeline in Lake Wales. A pleasant town, full of gardens and frequent outdoor concerts – Lake Wales, is home to historical murals, the Lake Wales Art Centre, and a beautiful 1927 church. Westgate River Ranch Resort is a cowboy-inspired luxurious campsite that is rich with various activities. Adventures cheer up because you can enjoy horseback riding and night rodeos in this 20-unit glamping site. Boredom is not a word often uttered in this ranch. There won’t be a dull moment if you plan a trip to Lake Wales with your family. 

Conclusion: Sometimes you need to relax amid nature along with the comforts of your home. This is precisely the purpose of glamping sites. They make outdoors a bit more manageable for people who aren’t looking for Mother Nature’s rough embrace. Above listed destinations will make your post lockdown trip more luxurious by offering for a comfortable stay. Remember to carry your masks and sanitizers for extra safety.

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