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The Top 3 Event-Planning Challenges – and How to Solve Them


In a perfect world, deciding to host an event would be a simple process from start to finish. But the world isn’t perfect, and expected, and unexpected roadblocks often occur. The best way to overcome them is to be prepared beforehand, so we’re sharing the top 3 challenges today’s event planners are facing and how to solve them

#1 Budgeting in Today’s Economy

Since 2020, prices have increased by more than 17%… and over the past ten years, prices have increased by more than 30%.
If your event marketing budget hasn’t been adjusted for inflation, recent costs will likely surprise you. Some excellent ways to stay within budget include:

  • combining two or more events can be combined into a single experience, like our client Bollore
  • explore non-traditional venues like McDonald’s did when VIBE found a large aviation museum in Central Florida to serve as the primary event location.
  • work with a reputable, established event marketing team like VIBE. With more than 18 years in business, our strong vendor relationships allow us to leverage best-possible pricing to stay within your stated budget.
Florianne Paris (VIBE) and clients

#2 Vendor Turnover

The pandemic was brutal on the event industry. Many businesses could not recover from the temporary drop in demand, and now fewer vendors are in the marketplace. The most significant side effect of this situation is that remaining vendors are often fully booked for weeks or even months in advance. It also means that relationships and contacts you used to rely upon may be elsewhere to assist.
Most of the time, this challenge can be resolved by leaving extra planning time to research new vendors or vet new providers. Other times, you should bring in an experienced partner like VIBE, who continually curates a network of multiple vendors in different cities and locations.


#3 Last-Minute Planning and Changes

Although it is common to think of additional event details during the planning phase, the realities of Challenges #1 and #2 mean accommodating those last-minute elements becomes very expensive or impossible to execute.

Planning is again your best option to avoid losing and replacing vendors, venues, or services or the equally expensive scenario of rush charges. When you leave several weeks or months to bring plans together, it gives people within your organization enough time to provide feedback or input before lock-in dates for several attendees, deposit deadlines, and other key deliverables.

When you can’t plan well in advance, once again, having a reliable partner like VIBE helps streamline everything. Whether it’s content creation to help you fill the event with appropriate activities and entertainment, logistics support, travel coordination, or any number of production needs, our team handles multiple elements of event planning so tasks get done quicker and without sacrificing quality.

While you can’t always anticipate every event challenge, having an action place to avoid these big three event planning mistakes will save you time and money. We live by this motto at VIBE so our clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything has been handled. Let us know if that level of white-glove service sounds appealing to you. We’re always happy to help make your next event as perfect as possible.

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