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Travel Gadgets for the COVID-19 Era

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Even though the majority of modern aircraft are equipped with near-hospital-grade air filtration systems, and most airlines are engaging in increased sanitation protocols during and in-between flights, there are plenty of people worried about the safety of air travel with COVID-19 still so prevalent. For those with underlying conditions that put them at high risk for complications with the disease, avoiding air travel may be the safest bet for right now, but for those who need to travel and want to take a few extra precautions, we suggest the following.

Young People with Scough Face Coverings

Scough Face Coverings (
These unique wrap is made from industrial-grade woven carbon fibers that turn the entire fabric into a wearable air filter. Built in elastic bands secure behind the neck to keep face coverings in place with hands-free ease, while the additional fabric works as a stylish accessory in ways a simple mask does not.

LARQ Self-Sanitizing Canteen

LARQ Self-Sanitizing Canteen (
Since many airlines have eliminated food and beverage service, having your own personal beverage container is a smart idea. The LARQ bottle has a built-in UV-C sanitation light that eliminates more than 99% of viruses and bacteria in just 60 seconds and re-activates itself automatically every 2 hours. To travel with LARQ through security, simply empty the contents and leave both bottle and cap separate from each other in the x-ray bin. Then, refill at the water fountain or bottle station of your choice after proceeding to the terminal.

Drawing of an airline pillow and seat covers

Nice Seats Seat Covers (

For those that would prefer a little extra protection between high-touch surfaces like headrests and seat cushions, Nice Seats offers comfortable, soft, universal-fit seat covers that go on quickly with built-in elastic and stores in their own compact pouch when not in use. Available for economy/coach-class seats as well as business and first-class seats, Nice Seats do not interfere with screens or tray tables on backs of seats.

Fork and Spoon

Silvr Personal Travel Fork (

Health and safety doesn’t mean you’re forced to use single use plastics. With Silvr, you can carry your own full-sized utensil with a unique design that allows it to be protected from outside environments when not in use. The fork is completely dishwasher safe, and can be cleaned on the go with no worries as its handle has micro-holes to allow for drying without the fork coming in contact with any other surfaces.

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