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The Most Effective Events You Can Host in the Metaverse (Part 1)


The way we interact with each other and with technology is rapidly changing. Even post-pandemic, people are spending more time online with connected media, entertainment, and e-commerce than ever before. On average, the typical web user spends just under seven hours a day connected to online platforms. That’s nearly half of most people’s waking hours.

Interactions that used to happen at the mall, parks, work, movie theaters, and other business and social destinations are now happening with avatars and interactive technology in the Metaverse. So, how are event organizers supposed to respond? Face-to-face gatherings won’t be fully replaced in the very near future, but certain events can work well in the digital world.

Here is part 1 of our series on the events that work best in the Metaverse and how to get started.

Digital Product Launches

The 3D environment of the Metaverse makes it perfect for displaying new products and prototypes in a more immersive setting than traditional photos, videos or a virtual event would provide. Without limitations like venue size or available space, you can invite as many attendees as you wish, knowing all will have the ability to see demonstrations and view the products from all angles with ease.

The Metaverse also gives you some new abilities not typically available with live, in-person product launches. Imagine being able to turn an automobile upside down to show a new braking system or drive-train features. Or, think of a camera that deconstructs and reconstructs itself to show how a new feature has been built into the lens.

These types of demos all amplify the online experience beyond simply staring at a screen. Interaction is key to marketing messages being sticky in the minds of consumers and partners.

Conferences, Expos, and Trade Shows

Industry-wide mega-conferences are still highly valuable for networking, ongoing education, and the advancement of particular markets. However, they typically require thousands of square feet of space to bring hundreds of exhibitors together in one location. Plus, those exhibitors must travel and transport both personnel and booth components, and pay for lodging and storage. It adds up to a lot of expenses.

In the Metaverse, the space is endless, no one has to travel, and there are zero drayage or storage fees. Rather than wander a maze of booths, attendees in the metaverse can use an interactive map to quickly route them to their desired points of interest without crowds, overwhelm, or endless signage that has to be provided in an in-person experience.

Even better, exhibitors no longer have to hold themselves to whatever they can bring or ship to the destination. Animations, interactive presentations, user feedback tools, and more can all be built into the Metaverse version of a booth. What has traditionally been challenging or impossible for expo halls in terms of technology is now a built-in part of the experience.

Fashion Shows

Prada and Balenciaga have already hosted Metaverse runway shows as part of Paris Fashion Week and other luxury brands have been quick to follow suit. Once again, the ability to deliver the full experience without the expense and logistical complications of in-person travel is appealing.

As well, the Metaverse has allowed for brands to substantially expand their reach beyond the standard fashion week or event. This has become even more important as the retail landscape continues to shift and the role of fashion buyers evolves.

Retailers can no longer rely on steady streams of foot traffic to see the latest fashion trends. Buyers, social influencers and consumers alike are finding this out themselves online and making purchase decisions independent of a brand’s brick & mortar location. Reaching those with the biggest buying power where they are spending time is key and that is happening in metaverse experiences that trickle down to social media pages and blogs, and then the end consumer.

If you’ve never paid a visit to the Metaverse, you may be surprised (and impressed) with the level of detail, interaction, and creative possibilities that await. To get an inside glimpse, see The VIBE video walkthrough and take a mini-Metaverse tour.

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