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Looking for unique and clever venues for in-person gatherings that offer plenty of space for outdoor and socially distanced activity? Start thinking outside the hotel and resort box and discover luxury farms and dude ranches.

These one-of-a-kind hospitality destinations allow you and your guests to experience life on a real working farm or ranch, complete with wide-open spaces, numerous outdoor pursuits, high-end accommodations, and lots and lots of privacy. Scattered in charming destinations throughout the U.S. and Mexico – including Vermont, Tennessee, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado, California, and the Baja and Yucatan peninsulas, each property takes on the character of the land around it. Huge mountain lodges, sunny haciendas, cabins on the prairie, iconic farmhouses, and more have learned to cater to guests eager to truly get away from it all and get back to nature (comfortably, of course).

Usually, each stay includes meals, access to horseback riding or bikes (depending on the property), organized activities like marshmallow roasts, yoga, hiking, archery lessons, berry picking, and campfire sing-a-longs, and other team building activities designed for outdoor enjoyment. Many destinations also include several luxury services such as spa treatments, fitness facilities, golf, tennis, saunas and hot tubs, too.

What we love about these destinations at VIBE is that they are simply unforgettable in comparison to the standard resort/hotel offering, and the more relaxed pace allows for more chances to break out into smaller groups and build stronger relationships. The customizable nature of these venues is also excellent in terms of experiences that guests and attendees have never tried before. You might choose to take your leadership teams whitewater rafting, or challenge your sales executives to a rodeo roping contest. Best of all, if you choose to, you can explore destinations with “cell-phone-free” zones to allow teams to really connect with one another.

A couple of our favorites: (Montana) (Colorado) (California) (New Hampshire) (Tennessee) (Mexico)

About the VIBE Agency: The VIBE Agency is a Miami-based award-winning full-service production agency that specializes in the creation and orchestration of live and virtual experiences for the corporate industry.   The agency is forward-thinking and was recognized as one of the 50 top event companies by Special Events magazine in 2019 and 2020.  If it can’t be live, make it VIBE!

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