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Innovative, Intuitive and Simple-Use Apps to Improve Event Planning

Considering event management, mobile apps have considerably improved planners’ perspectives. For each step, you can find plenty of useful and innovative apps that will help you to make the difference: networking apps, productivity apps, ticketing apps, analytics apps and so on.

Nevertheless, in this ocean of interactive solutions, you might get lost…Which one is the most efficient? Which one do many people use? How can I avoid task duplicating? These are many questions we will try to answer with a three-part list of mobile applications you may use to create a successful event without overloading your team.

Get a To-Do List

As you’re planning your event, brilliant ideas rush through your mind and you’re looking for a simple way to not forget any. Evernote is one of them. This digital notebook stores all your ideas, notes, pictures and all inspirational web pages in one single place. This brainstorming tool can be synchronized on all your devices so you and your team can always keep in touch and improve contents.

Some great apps will help you to gather all these information and to create objectives for all your team members. Trello is a good example. This Kanban-style app – To Do, In Process, Done – is a very easy way to provide your team with objectives. Its interface in columns facilitates work as you can create tasks, calendars and brainstorming lists.

Old-school planners and smaller teams will maybe prefer Todoist, a much simpler and intuitive app that focuses on essentials. You can assign tasks for each team member and follow their fulfillment. You definitely gain in productivity.

Promoting, Selling and Check-In

It is now time to promote your event. If you are looking for a simple promoting solution, MailChimp might be your first choice. Indeed, this complete app will enable you to send invitations, promotions and to inform about next ticket selling. On a free version, you can reach 2000 subscribers and to send 12000 emails per month. The upgraded version allows updates and feedbacks about your event.

Planners may prefer Eventbrite Organizer as it combines different tools such as creating and promoting events, as well as selling tickets. This app creates more interaction since it helps attendees to find events they might be interested in.

On the D-Day, Boomset might be the right solution for checking-in. This simple-use app can manage QR codes or print badges and allows the creation of wristbands. It also helps organizers to track attendees, to get complete events’ statistics and to send and receive notifications to and from visitors. Consider also Event Espresso as another great solution.

Managing an Interactive Event

You event is going to bring many visitors that will be eager to share their experience on social media. Improve their experience by using tools that allow you to create and manage contents, like Hootsuite. This app gathers your social channels all in one place, facilitating your media coverage. It also enables you to schedule in advance posts that will be launched during the event.

Visitors might want to access more accurate information, such as schedules, speakers, surveys or updates. Grupio offers you a perfect way to engage attendees. It also gives you a real-time feedback and allows you to reach your customers before, during and after the event. Get all the data you need to maximize analytics about your event.

If you want to go further, Attendify might interest you. This solution is not actually an app but a platform that helps you to create your own event apps. Besides a pretty high cost, this tool clearly boosts engagement during your event, as it gives attendees plenty of information about it, as well as a great access to polls, update feeds, notifications, schedules, maps, news, sponsors…and many other features. This private network enables visitors to share picture and experience and helps companies to get high-valued feedbacks and data. It is a very easy, incentive and efficient solution that you can use for any of your event.

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