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Build Content Marketing Into Your Digital & Hybrid Events


Doesn’t it seem like everyone has a new streaming service these days? There are so many “Plus” and “OnDemand” channels it’s dizzying. The reason why is that entertainment companies finally realized Content Is King and whoever creates the content controls the audience.

The same holds true for brands and businesses of all kinds, especially in the digital realm. What started as search engine optimization has evolved into a world of rich storytelling and broad sharing of knowledge as people turn for answers online more often than any other resource.

At first, it may seem like events are no place for content marketing, but the truth is actually quite the opposite.

Content marketing is precisely the kind of tactic that can increase attendance, improve guest satisfaction while at the event, and enhance follow-up response among attendees.

One of the best ways to think about content marketing in the context of events is to visualize it as a conversation.

Step 1: The Introduction

If you had to shake hands through a computer screen, how would you do it? People want that level of connection, so think about how to provide it. A “Nice to Meet You” video with some background on your company or the event topic can be a great ice-breaker.

So can an interactive Q&A session via chat or message board. Make sure there’s a transcript of the conversation accessible for those interested, and especially for search bots that are crawling the web looking for ongoing discussions about searched topics.

Step 2: The Main Event

One of the things people often forget when it comes to digital and hybrid events is that Zoom isn’t your only resource. Traditional digital brochures and presentations can add deeper meaning and insight to nearly any gathering.

Just like a program adds to an audience’s appreciation of a play by giving backgrounds on the actors or interesting notes on the performance, well-placed digital collateral material like case studies or successful testimonials can be very impactful for your group.

Step 3: The Farewell

No one wants their event to be their last contact with a guest. So, plant the seed for next time with some smart content marketing as a follow up. It can be personalized, like providing more information for someone who requested it.

Or, it can be broader reaching with facts and figures from that evening’s fundraiser, or a newsletter collection of photos and feedback from all guests.

No matter what approach you decide to follow with your content marketing, make sure you also build in ways to respond. It could be links to another article or blog on your website. It could be an invitation to request a quote or demonstration. It may even be a simple “redeem your thank you gift card” promotion or an RSVP for your next event.

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