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Is ChatGPT the Next Event-Planning Tool? VIBE Explains How to Use It.


If you have yet to hear of ChatGPT and other AI-powered content creation technologies, here’s a quick summary – written by ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is a smart computer friend that you can talk to. It understands what you say and tries to converse with you, giving helpful and realistic responses, even though it’s just a computer program. It learned how to talk by reading lots of text from the internet and books to talk about many different things!

Fans of the technology say it’s a great tool when stuck on specific content or ideas, which can be helpful to event planners.

What Can ChatGPT Do for Events?

Back in the days of typewriters and fax machines, a good secretary was much more than someone who filed paperwork and kept pencils sharpened. They were tasked with most if not all, important correspondence and messaging for business leaders and the companies they represented. It was a skill that most secretaries acquired through repeated practice and exposure to situations that needed the right words to accomplish a task.

ChatGPT was actually built much the same way – by letting a computer program read an entire internet’s worth of different content, learn the differences between each, and then create its content using what it learned. It takes years of learning and trial and error and does it at the speed of just a few seconds.

  • Need a letter asking for sponsors to participate in your upcoming event? ChatGPT generates a solid template with detailed benefits within moments.
  • Are you trying to create a schedule of events for a 3-day executive conference, but need help figuring out where to get started? ChatGPT built a daily agenda with time slots for lunch, dinner, gala, keynote speeches, and even discussion topics in under a minute.
  • Thank you notes, invitations to guest speakers, instructions for signage? Yes, yes, and yes.

In most cases, the technology leaves blank spaces or prompts for you to fill in information it wouldn’t have known – like company values or a specific business directive – but it does a lot of the heavy lifting.

What are the Limitations of ChatGPT?

Though the technology is impressive, it’s imperfect and still has much to go to mimic all human conversation or writing realistically. For instance, like all machines, it struggles with humor and sarcasm because it tends to treat text literally rather than figuratively. There is no room for nuances or specifics.

Likewise, this technology needs help interpreting abstract ideas and concepts – like inspiration, connection, freedom, friendship, or love. It simply isn’t able to feel or understand emotions like people do. Content created by the program tends to feel inauthentic or lack a “spark” because it has never felt or encountered these very human experiences.

Most importantly, ChatGPT may have access to all the information in the world – but it could be better at fact-checking. The program’s interface includes a disclaimer below the input explaining that the technology “may provide inaccurate information about people, places, or facts.” In other words, leave the critical research to those who know how to do it.

Between Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and an ever-increasing number of AI chatbots on websites and e-commerce, computer-generated content is no longer a choice between whether or not to use it. The real skill for humans comes in knowing when to use this time-saving tool, and when a situation demands a more personal human connection. At VIBE, we use ChatGPT and other tools to help plan or host an event more efficiently while tapping into our award-winning human creativity for unforgettable results.

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