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Making More Time for Fun, Health, and Wellness: The 60-20-20 Rule of Event Planning


Behind every successful event is a solid purpose. After all, why would you spend valuable event marketing budgets on something without a clear direction? It could be a learning opportunity, strategic realignment, networking, awards for a job well done, or many other reasons to bring people together. However, it’s essential not to let the event’s purpose become an obstacle to its overall success. That’s where VIBE’s 60-20-20 rule comes in. 60% fun + 20% glamour + 20% work = optimal event balance.

Quantity vs. Quality

Because so many different costs go into hosting an event, it’s only normal to want to pack in as much as possible, but this can be counterproductive. Going from one intense workshop to another all day long is tough on attendees. People’s brains have been proven to understand better and remember more when they’ve been given adequate downtime to process information. A jam-packed schedule has the opposite effect.

We make it a point to help clients create “brain break” moments for this reason. People are at their most creative when their brains aren’t in the middle of completing a specific task. Think about the last time you had a great idea while driving or in the shower instead of sitting at your desk. The same applies here. When people get a chance to interact with each other or bring a change of scenery, it ignites different areas of the brain to help improve learning and memory.

Break content down into smaller sessions, with more short breaks in between. You’re likely to find that your guests are happier and your presenters have more energy. The right amount of downtime benefits everyone.

“Fun” Doesn’t Mean “Pointless”

When we tell clients we suggest allocating 60% of an event to fun, we don’t mean getting off track from the event’s main purpose. Instead, what we mean is thinking of different ways to present information or tasks other than simply reading from a podium.
For instance, a new product launch or demonstration could happen in the style of a Broadway musical. Or, a yearly training could take the form of a competitive quiz show instead of a written test. Integrating an element of fun into as many activities as possible keeps attendees engaged. Also, it boosts their overall satisfaction with the event and the company or brand that is sponsoring it.

Glamour is the Ultimate Attention-Getter

Whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid, one of the main guests’ takeaways from any event is how it made them feel. This emotional experience is at the heart of why event marketing exists in the first place.

When we talk about glamour at VIBE, we’re talking about making a powerful first impression… and repeating that wow factor as often as possible throughout the event. It could be a stunning venue, creative decor, an exciting digital interactive experience, or it might be a thoughtful gift, a unique entertainer, creative cuisine, or a combination of many of these types of things.

This is where your event theme will be the most useful. A strong theme will allow you to create multiple ” wow ” moments that still relate to a common concept or idea.

Wellness Works

Mindfulness research from the Cleveland Clinic shows that nearly 70% of people who consider themselves to be in “good mental health” prioritize wellness activities such as spending time outdoors, meditating, exercising, and strengthening social relationships. This is especially important for multi-day conferences or events when a too-busy schedule may interfere with guests’ much-needed downtime.

At VIBE, we suggest partnering with local wellness and mindfulness organizations to help guests restore a sense of balance and keep them mentally refreshed and relaxed throughout the event. Integrating these types of pursuits into events allows attendees to see companies and brands as an extension of their day-to-day lives, as opposed to just another business.

At 18 years and counting on organizing events for industry-leading brands like Hermes, Porsche, Dior, and others, VIBE has seen the positive difference that the 60-20-20 rule
delivers for events. Let us show you how events can benefit the mind, body, and work ethic.

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