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VIBE Takes L’Occitane Year-End Sales Meeting Virtual

The COVID-19 pandemic has made 2020 a year filled with interruptions and cancellations – but in the competitive world of luxury consumer products, businesses can’t simply press “pause” on sales. L’Occitane en Provence knew that they needed to remain connected with their managers and execs to plan for the upcoming holiday retail season as well as look ahead to sales initiatives in 2021. So, they turned to VIBE to take one of their largest events of the year online.

The Ask
VIBE had to coordinate 250 attendees across 4 days’ worth of multiple seminars and sessions. Technology platforms, presentation services, and television-style production were all key elements of the virtual meeting.

The Answer
To make sure all presenters and speakers delivered top-quality remarks, VIBE arranged for a camera crew and staging from L’Occitane offices in New York City. Speakers were kept in separate offices while awaiting their sessions, and the professional film crew maintained social distancing during recording and broadcast. In instances involving co-presenters, masks and adequate spacing were also observed. 

VIBE also seamlessly integrated slides, visuals, and other presentation aids into each session – which ranged from Diversity & Inclusion, to Business Development, HR, Workshops for KPIs over the Holidays, Customer Marketing Analysis, and even some fun Zumba sessions to keep energy up during the 4-day event. A dedicated project manager from VIBE helped coordinate online invitations, registration, technology readiness, digital troubleshooting, feedback, and the run of show.

CLIENT Testimonial
This was our very first virtual event… and first event with the VIBE Agency.
in a time when everything seems complicated and technical, we really appreciated having the VIBE team assist us with the organization of this event – from concept to execution.  They stepped in less than 4 weeks before our event and did a wonderful job coordinating from the studio they set-up for us in our NYC office the executive team, technical crew in both NYC and California.  Additionally, they weren’t afraid to challenge us to improve upon our presentations.  Their attention to detail and understanding of the industry made the process a breeze.  Our event was upbeat, to the point and we were able to keep our audience captive throughout which was my main concern after months of ZOOM meetings.  Overall, well done and a success for our first virtual sales meeting.  I will definitely work again with the VIBE Agency. 


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