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Good News from Good Vibes 2


As we start this new year, we would like to share a pretty complex digital experience we hosted a few months ago – not from an elaborated production studio, but from our humble office. Yes, this is possible and we can help you do just that. 

We hope that this will inspire you to want to go beyond the usual Zoom meeting. We got tired of it and chances are, you are too. 

Our storyline:

Following the success of Good Vibes #1, which  focused on our European partners, it became clear that North American business audiences were struggling with many similar issues.

By fall of 2020, most companies were learning to pivot towards remote and digital technologies, but they had not found a way to recreate an event experience with the same level of finish and quality as their audiences expected.

Concerns about technology challenges, keeping attendees engaged, and properly budgeting and planning for this new breed of events became spotlight topics for the follow-up presentation – Good Vibes #2.

The Roll-out

  • We launched a Save-the-Date campaign 4 weeks prior the event then 2 weeks and one week out to maximize our attendance. 
  • Our campaigns were seconded by weekly posts on our social media leading up to the event. Both e-campaigns and social media were closely monitored so we knew exactly who was going to attend.
  • Attendees were given goodie boxes to help recreate the experience of being together in person ahead of the event;  goodie boxes included snacks, a reusable water bottle, emoji signs for communicating during the event, a notepad, and more.

Our VIBE Studio

We used our office as “the main stage”.  We set-up two (2) cameras, studio lights throughout our space, 2 additional monitors, a mixer and our dedicated tech staff of 2 orchestrated it all during this 2-hour event. 

The Event:

The interactive virtual event was designed for trade audiences to work together in response to the changing event marketing landscape. To show businesses and partners how this new era of events might play out, we hosted various demonstrations in multiple destinations with:

  • themed break-out rooms ranging from stand-up comedy, to magic
  • team-building activities orchestrated ahead of time allowed for more interactive experiences
  • VIBE also leveraged its license with SparkUp for live polls and quizzes during the discussions.

With over 200 attendees, the presentation not only detailed the strategic, financial, and technology considerations for the future of virtual, hybrid, and in-person events… it also demonstrated new and innovative ways to keep guests excited and engaged throughout.  

“We like to say we approach these events like setting up studio-produced television content,” explains Valerie Bihet, founder of VIBE, . “That means appropriate lighting, sound, makeup, scripting, rehearsals, checking and double-checking tech requirements. This is most definitely a ‘show’ more than the traditional meeting. That’s what it takes to succeed in the digital realm.”

This event was such a success that we are currently working on putting “production packages” suitable for any offices. Stay tune for more or contact for some information.

About the VIBE Agency: The VIBE Agency is a Miami-based award-winning full-service production agency that specializes in the creation and orchestration of live and virtual experiences for the corporate industry.   The agency is forward-thinking and was recognized as one of the 50 top event companies by Special Events magazine in 2019 and 2020.  If it can’t be live, make it VIBE!

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