How to Incorporate Wellness Into Events: Healthier = Happier

Many planners have a thrilling way of life, experiencing new challenges, traveling from one meeting to another, developing their business, their events and their network. So do their customers. Modern life brought us many goals and great opportunities and we would like to achieve them all. This is possible, as long as you respect one key point: “Mens sana in corpore sano” -A healthy mind in a healthy body.

Thus, you should be conscious of this important matter while organizing your event. As planners, we have to incorporate wellness into our meetings that will help our attendees to enjoy the moment and stimulate their enthusiasm, before, during and after the event. Indeed, satisfied customers always communicate, share and recommend good experiences. So let’s have a look on simple but essential ideas.

Choosing The Right City

Many cities across the US gather numerous positive conditions for your attendees’ wellness: Austin TX, Minneapolis MN, Denver CO, San Jose CA, Washington D.C., Nashville TN, Des Moines IA, Boston MA, Chicago IL, Dallas TX, San Francisco CA, and a lot more.

They offer a relaxing atmosphere, lovely parks and quite districts for some running or for wandering. Opt for the right venue, for example an outdoor place in a sunny city to get some vitamin D. Think about close lodging to avoid long transportation that creates stress. Check also on facilities: swimming pool, gym, restaurants and wellness partners in town. Look out what kind of sport activities can be done in the surroundings: golf, hiking, cycling…

During The Meeting

Brighten your event up by proposing numerous services that will improve your customer-experience. You can choose sponsors that will provide light free alcohol beverages, fresh fruit cocktails and a wide choice of tea. Create a partnership for catering, mixing local organic food in delicate healthy menus alongside “Eating Smarter” cooking classes.

Go for a relaxing atmosphere by juggling with music, sounds and smells. Put some fun into your event by offering goodies such as a jump rope or resistance bands. What about designing a health challenge by equipping attendees with Fitbits and rewarding the healthiest visitor? Go further by encouraging people to sort their waste and be environmental friendly.

Around The Event

Nevertheless every meeting is stressing at one point. Thus, feel free to promote relaxing activities all along the day, such as massages, yoga, pilate or spa breaks. You may also propose workshops or lifestyle seminars based on mind, body and soul aspects. This is a smart way to arouse consciences on the matter of well-being.

Favor break spaces, free from phones, either in a wellness lounge inside the venue or in a park outdoors. Work on your communication by promoting wellness activities during the event. Send messages to your attendees to provide them healthy tips of the day.

As you can read in this non-exhaustive list, incorporating wellness into your meetings is a growing concern and it can take many various forms. As planners, we have to propose the best experience for each visitor: this is the core of our job so be creative!


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