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The FACC Innovation Awards 2018 in Miami

On last Thursday, May 24th, was held a special gala at the EAST Hotel, Miami. This annual event rewarded some of the 2018 most innovative French companies on Florida’s ground. Initiated by the French-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida associated to the French Foreign Trade Advisors, the awards are an important moment that punctuates another year focused on creating business opportunities between both countries.

Take place among the 250 American and French officials and executives that seek together for a brighter technological and ethical future.

Rewarding Florida’s French Tech

The FACC’s Gala is a wonderful showcase for all French companies based in Florida that want to create and strengthen business partnerships in the U.S. This gala rewards them for one particular service or product that particularly benefited local communities or that will improve their future. 16 French businesses were taking part in the competition this year, divided into 4 categories:

  • Start up
  • Environment
  • Digital
  • “Art de Vivre”


The jury, composed of 8 French members from diverse industries, was dedicated to select the winners. Relying on key points, their choice was made upon:

  • The legibility of the service/product
  • Its applicability in diverse industries
  • Its innovative nature and features
  • Its ROI’s potential


Thus, the whole VIBE Agency’s team, alongside our French partner Datakalab, is honored to receive the Innovation Award 2018 – Digital Category.

Digital Progress and Artificial Intelligence

Developing innovative ideas and products to improve future is what brought Datakalab and VIBE Agency to work together. Datakalab became a reference in the neurosciences’ field. Indeed, the first neuromarketing lab launched in France a brand new solution that help to measure consumers’ emotions.

By using technological tools such as connected bracelets, facial coding and voice stress analysis, the company is able to analyze a new kind of data: the Feel Data©. These data offer a great advantage over classical data. They are non-invasive and unbiased since members of a study can’t intentionally simulate the expressions of their emotions or control their heart activity.

This solution offers tremendous opportunities for marketers to better understand consumers’ behavior and to better adapt their advertisement campaigns. This award underlines the important need of such a technology that will deeply benefit to local and national communities.

France and the U.S. Get Closer With the FACC

This kind of event also shows the great opportunities that can be created between the two countries. With its 20 chapters, gala awards and 4.000 members across the US, the French-American Chamber of Commerce has been helping to create new networks and to strengthen both countries’ business ties over the years.

Much like teambuilding sessions or corporate events, the FACC is another example that illustrates once more the importance of working together as a team, beyond boundaries and cultural differences, to improve our common future.

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