5 Secret Ways To Visit Chicago

As the 3rd largest urban area in the U.S., the Windy City offers plenty of places to discover. This thrilling city, lying on the edge of Lake Michigan, birthplace of skyscrapers and major blues music scene, always provides amazing experiences. Numerous beaches, many delicious restaurants, surprising museums, famous buildings and parks…the choice is endless. Thus, here is a very short list of alternative and inspiring tours you would like to experiment for your next events.


Officially established in 1833, Chicago holds a very important place in the industrial and cultural history of the U.S. There is a place that particularly reminds us about the American entrepreneurial spirit. The Pullman State Historic Site, located 15 miles southward from the Loop, is the birthplace of many changes: industrial age, urban design, architecture, labor and social experimentations, technological developments…

The site, a whole city built and managed by a single company, is very similar to what existed at the end of the 19th century in France, Germany or England. Nevertheless, the Pullman Town’s concept was one of the most successful. Don’t hesitate to visit what remains of this exceptionally well-preserved historical place built by former visionary entrepreneurs.


The newest trends are very often inspired from what we call the “Good Old Days”. This is especially the case if you are planning events and thinking about a theme or a venue. There is a man in the American history that completely changed the face of art and architecture, and inspired many other creative minds: Frank Lloyd Wright.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Tour in Chicago will plunge you in a 70 year-long history of buildings and architectural styles that shaped the US and the whole world. From the Rookery to his different houses, fill your mind up with great ideas for creative designs.


The Windy City has always been a major thrilling and eclectic music scene, resulting from the migration waves. From jazz to blues or from country to electro, you will always find a place that fits you. Either to get some theme or venue ideas, or just for chilling, you definitely can’t miss the experience.

The Green Mill Lounge offers you a delicious 30s’ and 40s’ atmosphere. The heady sounds played there fit perfectly with the Al Capone era’s style and memorabilia. As for the Whistler, it proposes a completely different experience: it is at the same time a bar, a gallery, a record label and a live music site. Of course, you may also visit the Kingston Mines blues temple, operating seven nights a week since 1968, or the Redhead Piano Bar for a cosy lounge night.


Whether it concerns music, dining or entertaining, Chicago is full of hidden spots. Much like during Prohibition, there are still plenty of places that remain more or less secret. Feel the experience by dining at Clandestino Dinner, followed by a show at Chicago Underground Comedy. You might also prefer authentic speakeasy bars, such as The Pub, The Drifter, or the most secret bar in town Room 13.


The widespread Chicago counts numerous green spots where you might feel out of town. One good example is the Japanese Garden located in Jackson Park. Only reachable by footbridges, the place is amazingly quiet and can help boost your energy.

A bit westward, the Morton Arboretum is another peaceful place that is more turned toward natural sciences and conservation for the future. Some might see it as a great analogy between the tall Downtown skyscrapers and the grandeur of this tree cathedral.

To end with our green tour, let’s stop at the Green City Market located in Lincoln Park. Providing local and sustainable food, this farmers’ market proposes numerous tastings and chef cooking shows, a delicious experience you can’t miss.


Chicago is definitely full of amazing experiences to live. Be sure that you will find there many inspirational things for your next events. This is not only about specific buildings: this is a whole state of mind. Thus, you might like to visit Chicago differently, directly into the streets. If you are not running out of time, you may try to follow different tours, such as the Chicago Star Trail, the crosswalk robot graffiti, the hand-painted Downtown ads or even the Pilsen and the Banksy murals.


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