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How Beacon Technology is Changing the Events Industry

You might be asking yourself “what is beacon technology?” This innovative technology has been around for a few years, but it’s recently started gaining more traction in the special events industry. It can be used in a plethora of ways depending on the type of event, but the end goal remains the same – get important information to guests and staff quickly and collect data to drive future success.

Beacon technology is especially useful at trade shows and conferences. Oftentimes, guests find themselves retracing their steps at these kinds of events. They wander around trying to remember if they’ve seen that booth or stopped at this kiosk. With beacon technology, event areas can be checked off in real time via a beacon technology app sent to a smartphone or wearable.

Additionally, beacon technology can ping guests with information like “Keynote speaker hits the stage in 15 minutes – grab your seat!” or “Event café will close in 20 minutes” when they’re near a certain area. The technology picks up where the guest is throughout the event and keeps them updated with information relevant to their location.

But beacon technology isn’t just for guests. It’s incredibly useful for staff members too. Staff can receive communication from producers and event planners in case issues arise. Perhaps a guest spills a beverage and cleanup is needed – a simple ping can alert the nearest staff member, who can then get the spill cleaned up before anyone notices.

Even after the event, beacon technology pays off with the backend analytics that can be gathered to drive more success in the future. You know that “Return On Investment” that everyone is always talking about?  This technology can help provide that as well as help drive strategy.  Data driven events designed from the feedback collected is helping to drive the future of events and conferences and engage attendees on a new level.

There are a million ways to use beacon technology. If you’d like to implement this innovative and useful technology at your next event, The V!BE Agency would be happy to help you with that. Simply call Valerie Bihet at (305) 695-7718 or email her directly at to discuss your vision and learn how beacon technology could work for your next event.

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