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Face-to-Face Communication – Still Best Way to Drive Engagement

In today’s world of technology, face-to-face communication sometimes gets overlooked. It’s more convenient to schedule a conference call or a Skype meeting, or even meet via FaceTime. But the truth it that meeting someone face-to-face builds relationships, and drives engagement and collaboration better than any virtual meeting ever could. Why?

Trust – When you engage with someone in-person, you’re taking the time to build a relationship with them. Trust and understanding is developed, and it’s easier to find common ground.

Business Development – Face-to-face communication is almost always used to generate new business.  At trade shows and expos, there are staff members manning every booth doing what? Talking to people face-to-face, trying to develop a connection in hopes of making a sale.

It’s the same with one-on-one or small group meetings. The relationship with the person is what sells the product or business. While you may generate interest via digital communication, that personal touch is what gets clients and customers signing on the dotted line.

Feedback – This one is important. When a task is completed whether for a small project or an enormous event, feedback should be expected and given. With face-to-face communication, feedback can be given and its intent understood. How many times have you read a text or email and mistaken those words for rude, aggressive, or even disrespectful when that was not the intent of the sender at all? Usually that text is followed up with a phone call or, you guessed it, an in-person meeting.

Face-to-face communication allows discussion and clarification so that constructive criticism and honest feedback is clear. Your colleague can read your body language and understand your intent and subsequently, you can read theirs.

At The VIBE Agency, we love working with people. Without our clients and colleagues, we wouldn’t be in business. If you have an event you want to bring to life, we’ve got the communication skills and the resources to do it. All you have to do is reach out to Valerie Bihet via email at or call (305) 695-7718. Let’s meet and see how we can work together!

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