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Traveling in Uncertain Times

With the Omicron variant still a cause of concern worldwide, travel restrictions, proof of vaccination, negative COVID tests, social distancing, and temporary or partial lock downs are back…
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The Future of Partnerships & Sponsorships

For non-profit organizations, community-oriented businesses, schools, and other charitable groups, events account for a large part of their fundraising efforts. Likewise, businesses of all sizes are always on…
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Health Checks: A How-To Guide

As we keep progressing further and further into our “new normal” it is becoming more and more challenging to navigate the landscape of preventing COVID-19 transmission and event…
Alcohol-Free Festive cranberry citrus pomegranate cocktail.

Going Alcohol-Free at Events

Even though the promise of an open bar and free cocktails has long been a top driver of event attendance and guest satisfaction, it has been steadily losing…
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Latest Industry Trends

Trend Alert! As we come to the end of another year, companies and event planners are emerging smarter, more creative, and more motivated to face the challenges of…
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Waste Not. Event More.

Sustainability and environmental consciousness are important touchpoints for today’s event guests. They want to know that their attendance isn’t creating more waste or depleting natural resources. It takes…
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