4 Secret Places You Want to See in NYC

NYC is a bustling city with a lot to look at – but there are some secret spots off the beaten path that add some extra mystery to this unique city. From urban exploration opportunities to the pristine vintage TWA flight center, NYC has much more to offer than meets the eye.

So, without further ado let’s jump into 4 secret places you want to see in NYC!

1 – Vinegar Hill

Hidden away in a tiny corner of Brooklyn is the Vinegar Hill neighborhood. Complete with cobblestone walkways, 1800’s architecture, and the Vinegar Hill House, a delicious gourmet restaurant with cuisine inspired by an earlier time, this 5-block secret spot offers and interesting glimpse at history.

2 – Rooftop Wine Tasting

Rooftop Reds is located, you guessed it, on the rooftop of the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The 14,800 square foot rooftop houses 42 planters with the finest grapes, allowing several wines to be produced onsite. Rooftop Reds also offers opportunities for pop-up dining experiences, rooftop happy hours, and more.

3 – TWA Flight Center at JFK

Debuted in 1962, this iconic flight center at JFK airport was in use until 2001. The architecture and style are still in pristine condition, and the center is set to become a hotel and museum with a tentative grand opening date in 2019.

4 – Steinway Piano Factory

Some of the world’s finest pianos are made here, and the Astoria location offers guests the chance to see the process from start to finish.  This tour is best for small groups, as the max headcount that Steinway will allow is 16.


NYC has secret spots galore – some that even the most tried and true New Yorkers may not know about. These are just a few of the city’s most interesting spots for groups and only the very tip of the iceberg.

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