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Tis the Season: A Corporate Gift-Giving Guide

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There are only a few weeks until the month of December begins, which means right now is the best time to start thinking about your company’s yearly corporate greetings and or gifts.

But, before you run out to buy a bottle of wine, box of chocolates, or look into more creative gifts, it’s a good idea to consider some of the etiquette around corporate gift giving. After all, you want to build relationships with a thoughtful gesture, not damage them because of overlooked details.

First, depending on the size of your company, make certain to check with your HR department to make sure there aren’t rules against gift giving that would apply to your division or location. Your HR department will also be able to advise you of any spending limits or other guidelines the company expects you to follow.

Do the same (if possible) for your recipients. Simply ask to speak to an HR representative about their corporate gift policy and be willing to leave a voicemail or email for the correct contact.

Assuming gift giving is allowed by your organization, do some due diligence into your current business activities – particularly those associated with bidding or vendor relationships. In many cases it is against the law to send gifts to decision-makers who may be awarding contracts, as it may be seen as a bribe. Even if that isn’t the intention of your gift, it’s better to avoid giving it at all and not have it taken the wrong way.

Some of the best gifts are those that do not require wrapping – Charitable donations made on behalf of your intended recipient are both thoughtful and appreciated. As well, your company can benefit from tax deductions, even if you honor someone else with the gift. To get extra mileage out of the donation, make your gift towards one that aligns with the recipient or their company, or, if possible, to the charity with whom they’re already partnered.

Lastly, if you’re going to be great at giving corporate gifts, you need to be equally gracious about receiving them. That means, you guessed it, thank you notes. A simple handwritten note still makes quite an impression in today’s digital world. But if you can’t get around to putting pen to paper, do at least make sure to send an email to the gift giver and be sure to thank the entire team at their company.

Quick VIBE Tip:  Giving Tuesday is coming up on November 30, 2021. Get your gift list ready in time for this #NationalDayofGiving and you could make your donations go further as there are many groups who will double or match donations made on this day. Bonus? You’re done with holiday gift giving before December!

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