Ways to Incorporate Technology in Your Events

Using new technology during events and trade shows has become a must-have for any company that wants to stand out from the pack. Numerous devices, mobile apps, tools, and inventions give a tremendous boost to both your company’s on-site marketing and your attendees’ experience.

The scope of possibilities seems to be infinite for the design and entertainment with the new technologies. Nevertheless, investing big money on technology and great display for your events is not enough to catch visitors’ attention. Let’s see how to invest wisely in order to maximize your attendees’ experience and the ROI of your event.


The rapid development of technology over the last decade has offered plenty of possibilities for all businesses wishing to create unforgettable experiences. Here is a short rundown of interactive ways to improve your attendees’ experience:

  • A media wall for tweets
  • A fog station to highlight your products
  • Lighting and audiovisual effects like creative artwork, 3D holograms, LED bars
  • Drones for light shows or for taking pictures and videos
  • Augmented reality with a headset, to show your products without bringing them with you
  • Beacons to track the crowd, to inform about your schedules and promotions
  • Social media, livestreaming, webinars
  • Facial recognition for registration and to get prospects information


These tools have three goals: to attract attendees, give the best customer experience and get an immediate feedback.

Many solutions can be used to get the best ROI during events. Think about how to include your brand philosophy into your technological tools: colors, motto, pictures, videos…

You also have to adapt to your visitors: evaluate your attendees’ technology experience level and assess demographics before starting to plan.

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