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Why Investing in Your Employees with Incentive Trips

If you’ve been watching the news, you know that times are nothing less than chaotic right now. Everyone has their eye on the sky as though it might fall. You have a crew of millennials and they are getting restless. You have some outstanding sales people and want to reward them. Whatever your circumstances, one way to make sure your employees stay engaged (and hopefully loyal) is by investing in them via incentive trips. Yes, incentive trips – and here’s why.

Flexible Budget. An incentive trip can be as low-cost or as luxury as you’d like. From local “glamping” trips in the nearby mountains to a weeklong trip overseas, an incentive trip is versatile and something any business, no matter the size, can introduce.

Higher Employee Engagement.  Even the most dedicated employee loves taking off for a few days. When there’s an incentive trip up for grabs, employees are more likely to stay engaged in their work, meet goals faster, and be more productive overall. When employees are rewarded, especially with something like a trip, it’s much easier for business goals to be achieved and to keep your employees happy.

Loyalty. Good employees are more likely to stick around when they know their employer cares about them. In this case, incentive trips are worthy investments. Employees who feel appreciated remain motivated and productive, and may likely tell their friends and colleagues in other industries about you. Word-of-mouth is powerful and this kind of investment can lead to more achieving employees.

The Experience.  Cash bonuses are great, but experiences are truly unforgettable. With an incentive trip, you’re giving employees a chance to go somewhere they might not have otherwise been able to. Additionally, they’ll remember that they got to go because of you – you showed your appreciation to them, and they’ll continue to show theirs to you.

Lastly, let’s not forget that incentive programs can be for groups or individuals. If you’re thinking about investing in incentive trips for your employees, contact The VIBE Agency. We know how to create truly remarkable experiences in countries across the globe complete with accommodations, activities, site seeing and so much more.

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