Why You Need a Killer Website For Your Event

If you focus on the way you are looking for information concerning an event, a product or a company for example, you can bet your bottom dollar that you will get it through the Internet. This is the fastest and easiest way to get any information about anything. And if you plan to organize an event, that is the way potential attendees will favor in order to know more about it. Thus, launching a specific website seems unavoidable. Let’s explain why you need a killer website and how you can correctly implement it.


The main goal of this website is to legitimate, showcase and communicate about your event. This is a very efficient way to talk about its organization, its content and its purposes, so that future visitors may anticipate what they will experiment. This is actually the first step of the customer experience.

This is a very strong solution in order to influence and convince potential attendees to participate to your meeting. They should be able to find all the information needed concerning ticketing, accommodation, transportation, schedules, adjustments, contacts…as well as all services provided, workshops, conferences and many other things to do during the event. Don’t hesitate to implement reminder mailings and to use social medias to create a comprehensive communication tool.

It will also help you to spare time as ticketing and providing information will be managed through the website, 24/7 and potentially throughout the world. Thus, you can focus 100% on organizing the event with your team.

As you ask customers to create their account, you will gather information and data that you will process for your analytics and use to improve the next event you might later organize. This is also a way to control the ticket sales evolution, in order to better adapt budget and entertaining for the event.

The website constitutes a powerful solution to provide livestreaming, so that people who couldn’t attend can have access to various content and keep in touch with your event. Finally, this is a strong post-communication tool that will maintain customer engagement as visitors can view and download unique content, pictures and other data they might potentially share around them.


Unless you are familiar with web design, it might be wiser to hire an expert in order to implement your website. But prior to asking for his services, you should establish, months earlier, a global communication strategy that points out the role of your website: why, what, how and for whom.

Indeed, the reason why you should create a specific website besides your company’s one is that it will only focus on the event. Visitors won’t be disturbed by any other information that might divert their attention. In addition of managing ticketing and providing content, it has to make potential attendees want to come: this will be the first experience with your event.

A web designer is particularly aware of what can lead people to act the way you want them to act. Through various designs, pop-ups and other tools, he will ingeniously highlight the most important points and implement call-to-actions. He also understands the importance of SEO, or the way search engines assess the content quality of your website, with its keywords, its semantic cocoon, its various internal and external links…so that your website will be most likely to appear in the first search results.

You may for instance inspire yourself from competitors’ websites: they do have good ideas that might help you a lot in terms of process, content and call-to-actions. Your website must aim at the right target and be shareable: ensure that it is compatible with mobiles devices and that it can be relayed through social medias. Finally, your website must keep on being updated: you should definitely improve it until the D-day to show future visitors that you are actively working on this great event.


Making a comprehensive website will ask you to dedicate months of work prior to your event. Nevertheless, this is the ultimate solution to legitimate your event, to communicate with the audience and to obtain a great ROI.

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